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20+ Highlight Images from the Gracie Grappling Cup

By TXMMA Staff


Gracie Grappling Cup returns to San Antonio on Jan. 31st


SAN ANTONIO, TX – The Gracie Grappling Cup held their first event of 2015 this past weekend. Josh Lauber and crew hosted the event at the Chandler Gymnasium at San Antonio College. With it also being the first tourney of the year in the Alamo City, many grapplers were on hand to test their mettle.

One of the main things Gracie Grappling Cup does well is pay special attention to the kids division. Despite a lack of depth in some of the divisions, they’ll do what they can to make sure kids get enough quality matches. They also focus on safety and hence everyone who competed this weekend went home happy and healthy.

Likewise in the adult divisions there was plenty of competition to be had as well. Blake Estrada of Relson Gracie San Antonio had several great matches. Likewise with Stephan Perez (Alliance) and Jerry Musquiz (Marcello Monteiro BJJ).  Plenty of names and teams that we’re missing for sure but they come from as far as Dallas-Fort Worth and Harlingen so plenty of Texas BJJ was well represented.

Check out our playlist of 30+ select matches from Gracie Grappling Cup  to watch some of the action from this past Saturday.

Also, enjoy some of our highlight images below!


20+ Highlight Images from the Gracie Grappling Cup


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GGC (2)

The kids waiting patiently during the rules meeting.


GGC (3)

Relson Gracie black belt Chris Spicer preps for referee duties.


GGC (4)

“What are you thinking about?” …oh nothing, just submissions and stuff.


GGC (5)

A proud father preps his daughter for battle.


GGC (6)

Spicer once more checking on one of the competitors as another child with great sportsmanship looks on.


GGC (7)

An orange belt competitor hits a triangle armbar.


GGC (8)

Keep calm and work the sweep. #likeagirl


GGC (9)

Current and future BJJ practitioners watch the action.


GGC (10)

Fierce female fighting machines in action.


GGC (11)

The bow and arrow choke.


GGC (12)

What this US Marine lacks for legs, he makes up for in heart.


GGC (13)

Guillotine attempt.


GGC (14)

John Pershing Abney working on his judo takedowns.


GGC (15)

Setting up the submission.


GGC (16)

Armbar attempt in progress.


GGC (17)

Cinco MMA’s ladies give the camera a quick smile on the warmup mats.


GGC (18)

Tournament organizer Josh Lauber working the mats as a ref.


GGC (19)

Purple belt Blake Estrada giving Clark Gracie a run for his money.


GGC (20)

KC Spatz going for the finish in her first tournament back after 6-7 months.


GGC (21)

Sweep to mounted triangle transition.


GGC (22)

Talk about a fun roll.


GGC (23)

BJJ is family.


GGC (1)

Absolute division action.