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2011 BJJ World Championships – Final Day Coverage and Results

Photo Credit - Jonh Cooper, CooperFoto

June 5, 2011 – The final day’s Black Belt action is all set to get underway at the Pyramid in Long Beach, CA to cap off the 2011 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships.

Only Bruno Bastos of Nova Uniao and Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins of Gracie Barra Texas are left representing Texas for the tournament’s last day. Mullins should be one of the first set to hit the mats, where he will be taking on former world champion Bruno Malfacine in the roosterweight division while Bruno will be taking on Antonio Peinado in super-heavyweight action later in the day.

Those divisions and the rest of today’s docket is stacked with the best of the best with matches set to begin around 12PM our time. From there, the 2011 Mundial Champions should be decided beginning around 6:40PM Texas time after the finalists make themselves known.

All in all, it should be an exciting day for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts all around the world. Check out the listings below to see who’s still in contention in all the remaining divisions.

For an update on how the rest of our Texas athletes at all belt levels performed, please click here.

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2011 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships – Black Belt Finals

* will be updating winners in bold / continue to check back with us here at TXMMA.com


  • Bruno Malfacine vs. Brandon Mullins (lost by points, 20-0)
  • Josef Manuel vs. Joseph Capizzi (won by points)
  • João Carlos Kuraoka vs. Yusuke Honma (default due to injury)
  • Caio Terra vs. Fábio Passos (wins by armbar)
  1. Bruno Malfacine vs. Josef Manuel (winner by points)
  2. Yusuke Honma vs. Caio Terra (winner by triangle choke at 4:00)

Final Match: Bruno Malfacine vs. Ciao Terra – Time for the rematch from the Pan-Ams between Terra and Malfacine. Bruno sits guard immediately and Malfacine coming around. Caio quick on the arm but Bruno pulls out. Bruno gets two point for the sweep and Caio already up by 2 advantages. Bruno now on top of Caio’s half-guard. Terra retaining the sleeve grip on Bruno’s outside arm. Bruno now ducking his head and looking to pas but Caio is doing well by maintaining the grip on the wrist. Bruno now turning back in and has a little life back in hi half guard. Bruno with a pass attempt. He doesn’t get it and backs away. Caio now pulls guard again and closes it. 2-0 for Malfacine halfway through the match. Caio looking for the cow hand. Nothing there. Working towards an armlock/omoplata but Bruno spins around and threatening the back! Caio rolls through. Bruno looking for hooks but not there. Now looking to pass around. Caio now takes the 50/50 position. Caio gets the sweep and the two points! Tied across the board now. Malfacine’s turn to play 50/50 from the bottom. He scores an advantage and tries to come out the back. Both going for toeholds with Bruno going really hard at Caio’s ankle. Caio stays in bounds to avoid the penalty points and Bruno lets it go. Malfacine leading with three advantages now with ten seconds left and its over! Bruno Malfacine is now a 4x World Champion.

2011 Roosterweight World Champion: Bruno Malfacine

Light Featherweight

  • Guilherme Mendes vs. Laercio Fernandes (I believe he won by submission)
  • Samuel Braga vs. Carlos Vieira Holanda (no match; Holanda did not appear)
  • Samir Chantre vs. Gabriel dos Santos (referee decision)
  • Pablo da Silva vs. Ary Farias (2-2, Ary wins by advantage, 5-1)
  1. Gui Mendes vs. Samuel Braga (Gui wins by points)
  2. Samir Chantre vs. Ary Farias (winner by points)

Final Match: Gui Mendes vs. Ary Farias – It looks like the Atos teammates will be closing the brackets with Gui Mendes taking home the gold medal while Ary takes home the silver. In their post-fight interview, Gui says “it’s very hard to fight because they train every day together.”

2011 Light Featherweight World Champion: Guilherme Mendes


  • Rubens Cobrinha Charles vs. Eduardo Ramos da Silva (winner by referee decision)
  • Bruno Frazatto vs. Augusto Tanquinho Mendes (winner by advantages)
  • Rafael Mendes vs. Leonardo Saggioro (winner by submission, inverted triangle)
  • Mario Reis vs. Marcelino de Freitas (winner by points)
  1. Cobrinha Charles vs. Tanquinho (winner by points, 4-2)
  2. Rafa Mendes vs. Mario Reis (Rafa Mendes wins by points)

Final Match: Tanquinho vs. Rafa Mendes – This fight should be a dynamic one as Tanquinho and Rafael Mendes are in a rematch from the Abu Dhabi World Pro, where Tanquinho Mendes upset Rafa. To begin, Rafa sits to guard right away. Mendes plays upside down and comes up with the leg. A scramble insues with Tanquinho running outside to avoid the takedown. Rafa now up by 1 advantage. Rafe now on a kneebar. Doesn’t get it byt he’s now in his patended 50/50 position. Rafa consistently working towards the back while Tanquinho scoots away. Mendes now gets the 2 for coming up on top of the 50/50. Lots of time to go with the two jockying for position. Tanquinho now comes up on top to get make it 2-2 with one advantage in favor of Rafa. Rafa comes up and tries to jump on Tanquinho’s back but doesn’t get it. Tanquinho briefly threatens the leg but now down 4-2 for his efforts. Tanquinho’s got a hold of Rafa’s ankle and gets the stalling call against him. His patience pays off though as he gets the sweep to even the score. Rafael now playing the same game from the bottom, spinning and trying to come out the back but nothing. Now they’re both on toeholds looking for advantages with one minute left. Rafa’s looks deep but these guys won’t tap to this. Equal footlock duel with one minute left. Rafael gets the win back and the world title by one advantage point!

2011 Featherweight World Champion: Rafael Mendes


  • Michael Langhi vs. Davi Ramos (winner by 4 points)
  • Leandro Lo vs. Kron Gracie (wow, Kron comes back from down six points to finish the match with the choke)
  • Lucas Lepri vs. Gilbert Durinho (2-2, winner by advantages)
  • Celso Venícius vs. Jonathan Torres (winner by points, 2-0)
  1. Michael Langhi vs. Kron Gracie (referee decision)
  2. Gilbert Durinho vs. JT Torres (winner by points, 4-0)

Final Match: Kron Gracie vs. Gilbert Durhinho – Here we go, Kron Gracie vs. Durinho in what should be a very dynamic match. Both guys playing it tight. This is actually a rematch from a few weeks ago in Italy, which Kron won by collar choke. Wow Kron looks for the takedown but Burns walks around. Kron looking for a kneebar now. He’s staying on the attempt. Now gripping the belt and looking to come around is Kron but Durinho is being patient. 2-0 Gilbert Burns a few minutes in. Kron now comes out on top to tie things up 2-2. Burns working to get back on top. He does for 2. Kron now working from his closed guard. Kron gets the inside collar grip. Might be setting up a cross choke but its gone. Halfway through, Gilbert Burns is up 4-2. Burns now standing up to try and break Kron’s guard. He’s out but not around quite yet. Burns tries a leg drive pass but Kron maintains guard. Scramble now and Burns trying to work around while Kron looking for a kneebar. Burns now around and maintaining side control for the 3 points. No on Kron’s back. No points but he’s working for the choke with one hook. Kron turns in and now in Burns’ closed guard. 7-2 Burns right now. Gilbert sweeps and is up 9-2 with over a minute left. Burns trying to work to the back now and Kron ends up on top once more. 50 seconds left. Burns locks down the closed guard. Time running out for Kron and that’s it. Gilbert “Durinho” Burns is the 2011 lightweight champion.

2011 Lightweight World Champion: Gilbert “Durinho” Burns


  • Marcelo Garcia vs. Victor Estima (winner by points)
  • Gustavo Campos vs. Daniel Dias (winner by advantage)
  • Clark Gracie vs. Gabriel Rollo (winner by submission, foot lock)
  • Lucas Leite vs. Vinícius Corrales (2-2, 6-0 advantages)
  1. Marcelo Garcia vs. Guto Campos (winner by submission, crucifix-to-arm lock)
  2. Clark Gracie vs. Lucas Leite (winner by points)

Final Match: Marcelo Garcia vs. Lucas Leite – Leite tries to armdrag Marcelo in the beginning to give him a taste of his own medicine but to no avail. Marcelo sits and sweeps immediately for two! Leite keeping that knee up to prevent the pass. Marcelo trying to step around as he is so accustomed to doing but nothing quite yet. Lucas closes his guard now and Marcelo stands to break it. Open guard game once more with both guys playing patiently. It’s 2-0 Marcelo after four minutes of action. Leite really trying to get underneath Marcelo. Leite now with an inside collar grip but nothing there. Marcelo patiently shutting down Lucas’ game so far. The action has now moved to half guard and they’re stalemated at the seven minute mark. Lucas momentarily breaks Garcia’s posture and Marcelo up 2-0 at the nine-minute mark. Burns going for it big with 10 seconds left trying to hop on Marcelo’s back but nothing going. Marcelo wins this year at middleweight 2-0.

2011 Middleweight World Champion: Marcelo Garcia

Medium Heavyweight

  • Rômulo Barral vs. Eduardo Telles (winner by referee decision)
  • Eduardo Santoro vs. Fabiano Junior (winner by 1 advantage)
  • Sergio Moraes vs. Eduardo Zanetti (winner by points)
  • Gustavo Junqueira vs. Rogel Monsalve (Gentleman’s Agreement)
  1. Rômulo Barral vs. Eduardo Santoro (winner by points, 5-0)
  2. Sergio Moraes vs. Gustavo Junqueira (Gentleman’s Agreement)

Final Match: Rômulo Barral vs. Sergio Moraes – Both guys try to jump to guard at the same time with Romulo ending up on bottom. Romulo playing a half spider-guard. They’re now kntted up on the ground. No points yet and in the 50/50. Romulo still not giving up that spider on Moraes’ bicep though. Romulo now working a triangle position while the leg is in 50/50. Very awkward position for both guys. Six minutes in and both guys have stalling calls against them. Sergio standing now but right back down in 50/50. Romulo trying to come up. Two minutes left and they’re starting from standing. Sergio sits down to half guard and Romulo trying to slide the knee through.  Sergio gets two for takedown points and trying to come out of the back side! Sergop hanging on for life now as time runs out. Sergio Moraes wins the match 2-0 to notch another win for Alliance.

2011 Medium Heavyweight World Champion: Sergio Moraes


  • Luke Stewart vs. Bernardo Faria (winner by points)
  • Roberto “Tussa” Alencar vs. Antonio Carlos Barbosa (very impressive victory in this match)
  • Guybson Sá vs. Rodolfo Vieira (winner by submission at 6:30)
  • Renan Vital vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. (winner by submission)
  1. Bernardo Faria vs. Antonio Carlos Barbosa (winner by points)
  2. Rodolfo Vieira vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. (winner by points, 20-2)

Final Match: Bernardo Faria vs. Rodolfo Vieira – Faria playing half guard to start the match. Rodolfo with forward pressure from the top. Three minutes in and Rodolfo leading with one advantage. Good shoulder pressure and the underhook from Vieira. Faria has a mean half guard but it looks like Rodolfo is the aggressor. Faria tries to come out underneath but nothing going so far. Both guys now also with a stalling penalty and Rodolfo up 2 advantages to 1 at this point. Rodolfo clears the half guard and stabalizing now. Trying to drop his hip and Faria fight it. Rodolfo gets the three points for the pass. He’s got his points but Faria fighting being flattened out. Now Rodolfo gets it. Faria works back to half guard now and turns. Driving with the single and Rodolfo backing up. Good base by Rodolfo and Faria sits down into a koala guard for a moment as Rodolfo drives his knee on his opponent’s chest and looking to pass. Twenty seconds left and Rodolfo has it wrapped up.

2011 Heavyweight World Champion: Rodolfo Vieira

Super Heavyweight

  • Antonio Peinado vs. Bruno Bastos (winner by referee decision)
  • Charles Dantas Leite vs. Marcus De Almeida (winner by submission, RNC)
  • Joao Assis vs. Ricado De Oliveira (Joao advances due to no-show)
  • Alberto Villanova vs. Leonardo Noguiera (winner by submission, cow hand)
  1. Antonio Peinado vs. Marcus De Almeida (winner by submission, foot lock)
  2. Leonardo Noguiera vs. Joao Assis (winner by DQ; reaping the knee)

Final Match: Marcus “Bocheca” Almeida vs. Leo Noguiera – Leo Noguiera playing half guard to start the match and eventually gets the sweep. Now in Bochecha’s open guard. Bochecha working a collar choke. Nothing going so far but he’s consistently attacking from the bottom now. Loop choke attempt but doesn’t get it. I believe he has two advantages from the bottom at this point. Guard open now and Nogueira looking to pass. Nothing there and back to the closed guard. Noguira almost gets the pass! Bochecha going turtle now. Playing upside down guard and now back to his closed guard. Bochecha now tries to come up and they end up in a leg lock battle, trading toe holds as time expires. Referee decision here and Leo Nogueira gets it for the near pass.

2011 Super Heavyweight World Champion: Leonardo Noguiera

Ultra Heavyweight

  • Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu v. Carlos Farias (winner by points)
  • Michael George Wilson vs. Antonio Braga Neto (kneebar in 26 seconds)
  • Marco “Pe de Pano” Cruz vs. Fabiano Scherner (winner by points)
  • Rodrigo Cavaca (potential opponents DQ’d on Day-One)
  1. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs. Antonio Braga Neto (winner by points)
  2. Marco “Pe de Pano” Cruz vs. Rodrigo Cavaca (winner by DQ)

Final Match: Antonio Braga Neto vs. Rodrigo Cavaca – Cavaca pulls guard to start the match. He’s playing De la Riva guad from the bottom to try and get to the back but Braga Neto defends well. Cavaca trying to off-balance Neto but nothing going.Upside down guard now by Cavaca. Attempting to roll through for a kneebar but Neto defending. Neto now hugging Cavaca’s legs, trying to control his hip for the pass. Neto around now and Cavaca goes belly-down. Braga Neto going for the back take. No hooks yet though with Cavaca covering up in turtle. Cavaca now turns through and gets mounted for his efforts. Braga Neto now up 7-0 with the pass and mount points. Cavaca now with an omo plata attempt from the bottom but he can’t get the angle after weaving his leg through. He’s controllingthe arm though with Neto being patient, not wanting to move with too much haste. Neto gets his arm free and wins the match on points.

2011 Ultra Heavyweight World Champion: Antonio Braga Neto

Men’s Black Belt Absolute Finale

  • Rodolfo Vieira vs. Bernardo Faria

2011 Absolute Champion: Rodolfo Vieira

Female Black Belt Absolute Finale (winners in bold)

  • Gabrielle Garcia vs. Beatriz Mesquita

2011 Absolute World Champion: Gabrielle Garcia

Female Black Belt Finals (winners in bold)

  • Light Featherweight – Leticia Ribeiro vs. Nyjah Easton
  • Featherweight – Kyra Gracie vs. Michelle Nicolini
  • Lightweight – Luana Alzuguir vs. Luiza Monteiro
  • Middleweight – Ida Hansson vs. Hannette Staack
  • Medium Heavyweight – Penny Thomas vs. Talita Nogueira
  • Heavyweight – Gabrielle Garcia vs. Emily Wetzel

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