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2013 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship – Recap & Results

By TXMMA Staff | Photo by Kinya Hashimoto


The 2013 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Wrestling World Championship (2013 ADCC Worlds) concluded this past weekend with the event taking place at the Ditan Gymnasium in Beijing, China on October 19-20. The event stayed true to form as one of, if not the most, prestigious grappling tournament in the world with many BJJ/grappling fans all over the world staying up late to catch the stream live on U-Stream.

The 2013 ADCC Worlds featured some very interesting matchups and highlights this year featuring top-of-the-food-chain submission grapplers, veteran and new, making a name for themselves.


Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu wins open weight title; Keenan Cornelius beats Dean Lister for third


To begin with, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu pulled off a feat many thought improbable in beating Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida to take the open weight title after losing to him earlier in the day in +99kg division. Buchecha was aggressive as usual in the match and trying to hunt for the finish but he was outpointed by a fresher Abreu who pulled off the 10-0 victory to win the prestigious open weight title. Cyborg also beat Gary Tonon and Keenan Cornelius on his way to the open weight finals to cap off his tournament performance.

Meanwhile in the third place match, the  ADCC rookie Keenan Cornelius capped off his impressive showing in the tournament by out-pointing former ADCC champion Dean Liste to claim the bronze. It’s also worth noting that Keenan fared well in his 88kg division as well, losing on to Romulo Barral by ref decision in a semi-final matchup many people thought he should have won. In any case, Keenan had some notable victories for the day including both Lister and Clark Gracie.


2013 ADCC Worlds Highlights – Superfight and Weight Divisions


1383777_619417708116026_481411661_nIn superfight action, Mario Sperry beat Fabio Gurgel in what can safely be called a boring match with Sperry looking for takedowns and controlling top position over a tired “General” for the majority of the bout to get the ref decision.

Meanwhile earlier in the weekend Atos’ Andre Galvao beat Braulio Estima in the other superfight to avenge his 2011 ADCC loss to the Gracie Barra fighter. It was late in the match where Galvao manage to take his opponents’ back and secure the rear-naked choke for the win.

As far as the weight divisions we begin in stacked 66 kg division where Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles scored sweet revenge by beating Rafael Mendes by ref decision after a 40-minute match that went to double overtime. Mendes beat a game Joao Miyao to get to the finals earlier in the day while Cobrinha beat Justin Rader.

At 77 kg Kron Gracie submitted all four of his opponents to get gold in his – including J.T. Torres and Otavio Souza.

Romulo Barral and Rafael Lovato Jr. dueled back and forth in their 88 kg final with Barral taking the gold via guard pass Keenan Cornelius got the bronze by default after Pablo Popovitch had to bow out due to injury.

Moving up to 99 kg, Joao Assis was able to earn a hard-fought win over Dean Lister to win out by a score of 5-0 while Leonardo Nogueira was able to take third.

Finally in the heaviest men’s division Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida won the gold by beating Joao Gabriel in the finals while Cyborg Abreu took third place. Also of note for this division was the fourth place finish of Oklahoman Jared Dopp who, despite being only a purple belt, was able to beat incoming favorite Vinny Magalhaes to advance earlier in the weekend.

As for the women’s divisions Gabi Garcia (+66kg) and Michelle Nicccolini (-66kg) won convincingly with Garcia trouncing Tammy Griego and Maria Malyjasiak to win her bracket while Michelle beat Luanna Alzugulr by heelhook to claim her own ADCC title.


2013 ADCC Worlds – Quick Results


ADCC_2013_poster2013 ADCC Worlds – Open Class Finals

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu over Marcus Buchecha, 10-0


2013 ADCC Worlds – Superfights

Andre Galvao submits Braulio Estima with a rear-naked choke.

Mario Sperry beats Fabio Gurguel by refs decision.


2013 ADCC Worlds – Men’s Division Finals

+99Kg – Marcus Buchecha submits João Gabriel Rocha with a toe hold.

-99kg – João Assis beats Dean Lister, 5-0.

-88kg – Romulo Barral beats Rafael Lovato Jr., 3-0.

-77kg – Kron Gracie submits Otavio Sousa with a guillotine.

-66kg – Rubens Cobrinha Charles over Rafael Mendes by ref decision after 2 overtimes.


2013 ADCC Worlds – Women’s Division Finals

+60kg – Gabi Garcia submits Maria Malyjasia with a guillotine.

-60KG – Michelle Nicolini submits Luanna Alzuguir with a foot lock.