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30 highlight images plus match footage from the IBJJF Austin Open

By TXMMA Staff / Mike Calimbas Photography


IBJJF’s first tourney in Austin a huge success; highlight photos herein


AUSTIN, TX – When it comes to BJJ tournaments around the world it’s hard to argue that the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) remains the standard bearer for the sport. They lead the way when it comes to tournament rule sets, host more tournaments in more cities than anyone, and people travel all over to compete in them up to and including the Pan American and World Championships.

Recently it was received with great excitement when the IBJJF held their first tournament in Austin, TX. Competitors traveled from all around the state, and the world, to compete at the event held on July 26th at the Round Rock Sports Center. This included the Miyao brothers and many other top players who came to town in search of gold medals and points towards being the best in the world. Needless to say, it was a competitive showing all the way around. And the very first Austin International Open concluded as an immediate success.

Check out the team results along with some of the more defining moments of the IBJJF’s first Austin Open in pictures and video below:


Austin International Open 2015 – Team Results


1 – Gracie Barra – 305
2 – Bruno Bastos Association – 158
3 – CheckMat – 140
4 – GF Team – 132
5 – Brazilian Top Team – 115
6 – Octagon MMA – 87
7 – Lovato Jiu-Jitsu – 78
8 – Brazil 021 International – 62
9 – Pablo Silva BJJ – 61
10 – Alliance – 59

* complete individual results here

Austin International Open 2015 – Photo Highlights


atx (30)

Octagon MMA’s Travis Orr after playing third in the adult black belt light division.

atx (29)

Michelle Monteverde and friend catching the action from the sidelines.

atx (28)

The beast out of San Antonio, Chad Lutu in the crowd.

atx (26)

Paradigm’s Reed Shelger on his way to a double gold finish at brown belt.

atx (25)

Paolo Miyao competes against Thiago Macedo of RPBJJ.

atx (24)

Atos Nederland’s Ed Ramos awaits his match.

atx (23)

Travis Tooke embracing one of his young competitors, Darryl Lebus, after a win.

atx (22)

Karen Kovach looks for a choke in the women’s purple belt absolute division.

atx (21)

Rafael Lovato coaching intently.

atx (20)

Female white belts going hard for the pass/sweep.

atx (19)

PSBJJ’s Jordan Burton looking to stabilize back control.

atx (18)

Revolution Dojo’s Jeff Messina out on the mats.

atx (17)

Brian Marvin of GB Sugarland in between matches.

atx (16)

RGA’s Drew Lockwood in a hotly contested match against Alliance’s Samuel Snow.

atx (15)

Rebecca Varady and friend out in support of Gracie Humaita teammates.

atx (14)

Gracie Barra’s Inacio Neto takes the back.

atx (13)

Octavio Couto coaching his athletes.

atx (12)

GB Texas competitor Andy Cordova on his way to double gold in the blue belt division.

atx (11)

Elite MMA’s Robert Yamashita fights off a pass attempt from Inacio Neto.

atx (10)

Checkmat’s Monique Ricardo holding off tough Colorado based competitor Rossie Snow.

atx (9)

GB San Antonio’s Fabiana Borges goes for the armbar.

atx (8)

Tough Ribeiro BJJ competitor carries off an injured Austin Oranday.

atx (7)

Matthew (Eunsoo) Kim of BJJ Revolution won some tough matches en route to purple feather gold.

atx (6)

Rico Bastos shares a moment with IBJJF ref Andre Terencio.

atx (5)

The Miyao brothers in the bullpen.

atx (4)

Fabiana Borges with another tough victory.

atx (3)

Paulo Miyao works his guard.

atx (2)

After a rough go in his division, Bastos BJJ’s Clay Hantz battles back to win the open.

atx (1)

BTT’s Patricia Magalhaes battles Karne Kovach in the purple adult feather female final.

atx (31)

Heavyweight Misael Miranda takes a moment on the sideline following a tough matchup with Marcelo Tarso.


Austin International Open 2015 – Select Match Videos