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Amber Stautzenberger Ready for Pro Debut vs. Paige VanZant at PFS 2 this Saturday

photo: Shane Kislack Photographs

DALLAS, TX, September 19, 2012 – The “Apex Predator” Amber Stautzenberger is making her professional debut this Saturday for Fort Worth-based event Premier Fight Series 2.

Training out of Mohler’s MMA, Amber has 7 fights of amateur MMA experience and finished with a 4-3 record.

More importantly for her than a winning record are all the lessons she learned along the way. It’s the main reason fighters start as amateurs before jumping into the pro ranks but something she’s really taken to heart as a competitor looking to make incremental improvements on her game.

Now feeling more ready than ever for the next step, Amber will step into the cage at PFS 2 against Paige VanZant, a Las Vegas-based opponent with a 1-0 record.

Unlike Stautzenberger, Paige stepped right in as a pro without any amateur fights to her credit this past summer, beating Jordan Gaza by controversial split decision at UWF down in South Texas.

While Amber respects her opponent, she’s also not planning to be her second win in a row and is confident she will represent herself and the state of Texas to the best of her ability this weekend.

Here’s more on the upcoming fight with the DFW native.


Interview – Amber Stautzenberger (Mohler’s MMA)


First of all, how does it feel to be getting back into the cage this Saturday Amber?

I’m very excited! I’ve been itching to fight!

What does MMA mean to you at this point in your life?

I am passionate about it. It takes passion and dedication to compete. MMA means a lot of different things. Not only is it a career, but it’s a stress reliever, keeps me in shape, it’s something i love doing, and I’ve made a lot of good friends through the sport. It helped make me a better person.

Specifically in-state here in Texas, we’re noticed it’s been a challenge for women to get a consistent amount of fights. Has that been the same with you?

Yes, it is. I have two fights lined up here in Texas though, September 22 at Premier Fight Series and December 14 for Legacy, so it’s getting better. I’m really surprised about have two Texas fights in one year. I’m even more surprised that I am competing at least 3 times this year! It’s either 1 or 2 a year usually.

It certainly looks like you’re getting busier and busier. How would you describe yourself as a fighter at this point in your development?

At this point I’m stronger than ever and I think I have improved so much since I first started training, and since my last fight. I’m constantly learning and you can never learn enough. As for my mindset I think I’m in the right place this time around. I’m focused, training lots, I’m positive, and I am doing a lot of visualization.

Coming off a loss in your last fight, how important is it for get the win on Saturday in your pro debut?

I’m hungry for a win! It’s very important. I’m starting off with a fresh record, and I want it to be good.

You’ll be facing Paige VanZant, who last debuted with a win over another TX fighter in Jordan Gaza earlier this summer. Any thoughts on her as an opponent?

She has lots of potential as a fighter. She’s young and will continue to improve. She’s a go getter, but I know I can take her on. We will put on an exciting fight.

Do you have any predictions for the fight?

Me with the win!

Why else should fans pick up tickets for Premier Fight Series 2? Any other fights they should looking forward to?

The event has lots of good fighters on there to look forward to – Chas Skelly and Eliazar Rodriguez to name a few.

For those who aren’t able to attend the event, it can be viewed streaming live at: www.premierfights.net and my fight will also be recorded and shown on a later date on Time Warner Cable.

Nice. Do you have any last words before fight night Amber?

I want to thank my coaches and teammates at Mohler’s MMA. My coach, William Campuzano, puts a lot of time into me and that’s something I really appreciate. Also I want to thank my sponsors, who help out so much: AMMOTOGO.COM, NOKOUT, M. King Construction Inc, Co. from Dilley, TX, M. Holcomb FNC-P Inova Richardson – Family Practice.

I also want to thank my family who is going to drive up to my fight! They haven’t been to one of my fights since 2009 because they are always out of state so I’m happy they’ll be there for this one.

Also, Thank you Mike for interviewing me. I love reading your articles!