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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brand Awareness – Announcing our TXMMA GI / Kimono Review Contest!

We’re teaming up with resident TXMMA contributor and BJJ black belt Classy Grappler (also of Submissions 101) on some exciting new projects that should benefit both the practitioners and brands that make up our community.

As always, the purpose of our reviews here on TXMMA is to keep the community as informed as possible regarding the latest and greatest products and technology for training and combat sports life.

Classy kicked off this mission not too long ago with his impartial review of the Nike+ FuelBand during one of his No A/C jiu-jitsu classes – a post so well received it had Nike Chief Talent Scout Michael Leming jumping out of an airplane while shouting out to Classy and promising to look into truly making the product viable for the BJJ practitioner.

Now Classy and TXMMA are stepping it up even more on the review front by focusing on other products that are already present in the market and targeted specifically for BJJ.

Next up with this initiative is GI Reviews.


Review Focus – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis / Kimonos


This is going to be relatively straightforward.

TXMMA and Classy are seeking to identify and test the GI and Kimono brands out there that casual practitioners and extreme competitors deserve to know about.

We’re looking to identify and highlight the brands that test well in terms of price, strength, quality of material, and design in order to give our readers and the community at-large in-depth knowledge as to what options are available to them when making their next and subsequent purchases.

Nationally but also on a local level, we are also aiming to identify brands interested in supporting dedicated grapplers worthy of their brand and vice versa with competitors that could represent said companies well.

We’ve already got a few being tested but any interested brands that want in can feel free to message Mike or Classy on Facebook to get on board.


Branding Incentives


As an added incentive above and beyond an honest review of your product for interested consumers, we’re also doing the following things for the GI company that rates the best.

1 – Three months of complementary banner ad space (300×150 spot) on TXMMA.com, the market-leading website for Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the state of Texas but also covering the sports nationwide and internationally as well.

2 – The winning brand will appear in an instructional video shot by Classy Grappler featuring the GI on Submissions 101, which has over 90k subscribers and over 40 million views and running!

3 – Print ad space courtesy of Legacy Magazine, an MMA lifestyle publication put on by HDNet’s Legacy Fighting Championship with a circulation of over 10,000 per issue.

Reach out to us today if interested. The submission deadline for consideration is Monday, July 18th.


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