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Article: Yves Edwards Wins @ UFC 41 by Chris Colderley

Chris Colderley sent us a piece on The Woodlands’ own Yves Edwards and his victory at UFC 41: Onslaught recently.ÿ Click on Read More to see the full article.


Yves Edwards Wins at UFC 41

“The Texas Gunslinger” is impressive with a submission victory
By Chris Colderley c
Photos by Gerard Dannenberg c

The results of UFC 41: Onslaught carried gratifying news for Texas fight fans.ÿ The Woodlands fighter, Yves Edwards demonstrated the potency and depth of his fighting arsenal on Friday night by scoring a submission victory over UFC newcomer, Rich Clementi with a rear naked choke at 4:07 of round three.ÿ Although the fight was held before the live broadcast began, the UFC presented the complete match to close the show.

Edwards opponent, Rich Clementi, was making his first appearance in the UFC. The former FFC Lightweight Champion boasted a streak of eight consecutive victories and was touted for his aggressive style and complete fight game. In spite of these factors, Edwards was able to control fight with his superior striking skills and strong ground defense.ÿ

The first round opened with the two fighters exchanging punches and leg kicks. When the fighters went to the clinch, Edwards was able to score with some solid knees before taking Clementi to the ground.ÿ Preferring to strike, Edwards quickly backed out of the guard allowing his opponent to stand.ÿ With 2:45 remaining in the round, Clementi was knocked to the floor with a decisive combination.ÿ Despite the effect of Edwards attack, Clementi was able to return to his feet and defend himself from further carnage.

In the second round, Clementi scored a few low leg kicks before Edwards sent him flying backwards into the cage with a short, straight punch.ÿ Again, the striker allowed his opponent to stand.ÿ Clementi did manage to score a takedown and trap one of Edwards arms behind his back, but Edwards ground game proved solid allowing him to avoid strikes and reverse the position.ÿ As the round closed, Edwards pounded from inside Clementis guard.

The third round, again, began with both men trading strikes. In a desperate attempt to slow Edwards relentless attack, Clementi pulled guard but was unable to keep the fight down. After more striking, the fight went to the mat again where Edwards was able to get to the mount. A combination of elbows and short chopping punches forced Clementi to give up his back, and the Woodlands fighter sank the rear naked choke forcing the tap out.

At the post fight press conference, Yves Edwards said, “I was just glad to be back, and I know that I had a few fights here [in the UFC] that I just didnt fight like the fighter I am.”ÿ His confidence and resolve in his skills showed throughout the match, as well as in his comments.ÿ “I felt that I had to let things go,” he said, “and do what just comes naturally.”ÿ

ÿAfter suffering UFC losses to Matt Serra and Caol Uno, Edwards has accumulated two impressive victories. This one establishes him as potential contender for the lightweight title.ÿ Unfortunately, the lightweight championship remains vacant after BJ Penn and Caol Uno fought to a five-round draw. Perhaps, a match with Din Thomas, who scored a victory over Matt Serra, may be in the future.