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ATT’s Cody Williams discusses his Legacy 14 catchweight bout versus Steven ‘Ocho’ Peterson

BEAUMONT, TX, September 10, 2012 – The last time we spoke to American Top Team Beaumont’s Cody Williams, we was all set to fight Alan Nascimento on this Friday’s Legacy Fighting Championship 14 card set for Houston’s Arena Theater and LIVE on AXS TV as part of their national broadcast.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), Nascimento suffered an injury that took him off the card and Cody will now be facing another Texas-based fighter and Bellator / Legacy veteran in Steven ‘Ocho’ Peterson in a 140 lbs. catchweight bout.

Like Williams, the DFW-based Peterson is also considered one of the rising prospects from the lone star state. He’ll walk into this bout boasting a 7-2 pro record and a reputation for being a scrappy and crafty submission artist.

In short, this fight will be a big test for both men but also one that will show fans who between these two may be ready to make the leap from prospect to bonafide star.

We recently spoke to Cody Williams once again to talk about the change in opponents and everything else leading up to this bout.


Interview – Cody “Wolverine” Williams (ATT Beaumont)


Cody, the last time we talked you were getting ready for Alan Nascimento. Now you’re facing a different fighter altogether at Legacy 14 in Steven Peterson. What are your thoughts on the change?

Different fighter – fairly similar style – I’m looking forward to this fight as I always do – the excitement of fighting is what I look forward to, regardless who is across the cage will never change that. My preparations haven’t changed at all except to me beating Peterson will do more for man than beating Nascimento. I’m fighting a submission fighter with a rangy frame in either opponent so that was another thing that played into my favor in that the weeks of prep carried right over instead of fighting maybe a boxer or wrestler. I’m also looking forward to the catch weight of 140 lbs – with this in place I haven’t had to strip my diet of protein as much and just fighting at this weight in general has put a smile on my face as well as my Strength and Conditioning coach Chad Harmon from World Gym BMT since the fight was made.

You’ve faced some tough competition in your career but you’ve also received criticism from outside regarding the need to expand your training out of Beaumont to prepare for these increasingly tougher fights. How do you feel about that?

I understand it and the importance of sparring with people outside of your own gym – and I truly will explore those options through B3 – that is going to be a big part of having them on my team is that they have places in Houston where I can go train and get different looks without being scouted all at once – and really that has been what has kept me at bay is that you don’t want your sparring partners training with your next opponent – with that, and I have a plane ticket to Florida in my back pocket since the storm scrapped that trip, and recently I re-connected with a good friend of mine JB Kennedy who trains with Alan Belcher and has invited out anytime to stay at his place and do some training. …Got to love that West Brook High School Wrestling connection.

You’re known as a very explosive and strong fighter. What are you doing to work on other parts of your game?

More reps, more reps – that is what training full-time is allowing me to do. I’m exercising all outlets for knowledge and keeping my game as progressive as possible. I like to be innovative with setups, footwork, transitions etc … Getting back to meditation and affirmations has also been something I’ve made sure to make time for.

I see you’ve done some GI work at tournaments recently. Obviously that’s by design but why?

I’ll compete in anything and was encouraged by the guys at HQ to give it a shot and start training in it. My expectations of myself drive me to be the best at whatever it is I try so I it should help me improve overall.

Let’s talk more about this Friday’s fight at Legacy 14 against Steven Peterson. What are your thoughts on him?

He’s had success but like Nascimento his record is deceiving – cross referencing opponents’ opponents and what they’ve done tells your story as a fighter…

He fought recently at Legacy 13 on AXS TV. Did you catch that fight at all? What are your thoughts on how his fight played out?

I saw it and feel bad for Matt Hobar because I’m sure he put in work to fight that night. Hobar got a rematch (November, Legacy 16) which is right on all accounts. I wasn’t impressed with Peterson and haven’t been other than some of the Gi matches I’ve watched of him.

With that being said, are you worried about his grappling at all?

No – but aware yes, I know he’s got a slick guard. His hips and flexibility play a big role in his armbar finishes. I also see how he likes the guillotine and will try to snatch it from the bottom or even in the clinch.  I’m seeing more and more where he likes to throw submissions. For the first time I have to be aware of my opponent pulling guard which is something I can see him trying.

He mentioned when we asked in his recent interview that he’s going to finish you by second round TKO. Your thoughts and your own predictions?

I think it’s cute – he better have a roll of quarters in his wraps – one of my sparring partners called his stand up “junk yard flash.” I go with awkward kickboxing style but take whichever definition you see fit. I’m going to knock him out in fan pleasing fashion and he knows that – he just doesn’t know when. I wouldn’t mind waiting until the last 10 seconds of round three.

Any last words for Peterson before Friday?

I’m not on “your level?” Are you kidding me?

Anything else you’d like to get out there Cody?

Yes, for the fans, go to the fight. Legacy continues to put out quality cards even in the face of adversity when title matches get mixed up and opponents get injured. If you haven’t been to a Legacy fighting event you’re definitely missing out.

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