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Austin: Ladies Free Self-Defense BJJ Seminar @ Vandry BJJ

Vandry Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of Austin would like to invite women to a Free Self-defense Seminar to be held onÿFebruary 8, 2003 fromÿ3 PM to 5 PM at the Vandry BJJ academy.ÿÿWe want to welcome any woman interested in self-defenseÿand/or BJJ to attend.ÿÿDue to space available in the studio, we are asking women to contactÿus to insure their spot for the seminar.ÿÿPlease have them email me at bjjchic@yahoo.com or call the academy at (512) 585-1289 to reserve a space.ÿ

Information on the academy and ProfessorÿVandry can be found on our webÿsite at www.austinbjj.com .ÿÿWilliam is a black belt in BJJ under Carlos Machado of Dallas.ÿÿFor more information onÿhim please read the interview Craig Burt performed for www.onthemat.com that is available in our “About the Instructor” page.

The ladies that got hooked by the mat by his free seminarsÿlast yearÿcan’t believe how much fun we are still having and we, as well as William, would love to see more women on the mat! As always, we appreciate the support ofÿTXMMA and I hope to see you on the mat soon – come by andÿroll!