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BJJ Classic Pro Trial Qualifier – DFW Recap and Video Highlights

By TXMMA Staff


Justin Kluge, Cooper Cardinale, Miriam Villar among those that earn spots in qualifier


May 24, 2015 – BJJ Classic held the first installment of the BJJ Classic Pro Trial Qualifier in Dallas/Fort Worth. Competitors from all around traveled to Dallas to compete for a chance to win a ticket to the BJJ Classic Pro in December.

No Points / No Time Limit / Submission-Only means that there was one way in and one way out! Two competitors did the superman act winning two divisions in one day. That means they submitted a lot people in one day and never getting tapped out themselves!  Justin Kluge a blue belt from RMNU and avid BJJ Classic competitor earned gold in both his division and the absolute division. Copper Cardinale a purple belt from Alvarez BJJ also earned gold in both his division and the absolute division.

Miriam Villar (Alvarez BJJ) who is a seasoned IBJJF competitor decided to take the stage and compete in the BJJ Classic for the first time. In the Semi Finals Miriam faced off with Rosa Espindola (Holans MMA) in 12 minute match. They had a few good back in forth battles with both managing to escape danger but in the end Miriam was able to submit Rosa with a Kimura and move to the finals.

The finals match between Miriam and Chace (North Dallas MMA) also had some great back and forth nail biting action but was abruptly stopped when Chace injured her knee during the match and was unable to continue moving forward Miriam to take the gold. When asked what made Miriam decide to compete in the BJJ Classic she mentioned “I had got used to playing for strictly points that I wasn’t working to submit my opponents. I thought I would try the No time limit, Submission only format to make me chase the submission, helping grow my game!” Miriam has won various IBJJF titles and now a ticket the BJJ Classic Pro. She is a great competitor to keep your eyes on.

The Brown Belt lightweight division. Hodge Stokes (Evolve BJJ) and Michael Foster faced off in the semi-finals. Michael was able to submit Hodge moving Michael to the finals. On the other end of the bracket in the semi-finals Rob Crosley (Alvarez BJJ) faced off with Blake Dvorak (Top Game Jiu-Jitsu) after a long battle between the two Rob was able to submit Blake moving him to the finals to face off with Michael Foster. Immediately Michael chased the flying armlock. Rob was able to stop the attack shortly after that the two ended up in deep half guard with rob trying to sweep Michael. Michael was able to counter the sweep and finish with a straight armlock.

Here is the list of competitors who have qualified for the BJJ Classic Pro 2015 held in December.


White Belt / Female / Lightweight:

Sabrina Talton (Defiant Martial Arts)

White Belt / Female / Absolute:

Sabrina Talton (Defiant Martial Arts)

White Belt / Female / Heavyweight:

Melissa Folkerts (Star Jiu-Jitsu)

White Belt / Male / Lightweight:

Corey Mcnutt (Team Rivas)

White Belt / Male / Heavyweight:

Brandon Topping (Evolve BJJ)

White Belt / Male / Absolute:

Oscar Rojas (Holans MMA)

Blue Belt / Female / Lightweight:

Miriam Villar (Alvarez BJJ)

Blue Belt / Female / Absolute:

Julia Avila (Oklahoma Martial Arts Academy)

Blue Belt / Male / Lightweight:

Richard Rodriguez (KAMA BJJ)

Blue Belt / Male / Heavyweight:

Justin Kluge (RMNU)

Blue Belt / Male / Absolute:

Justin Kluge (RMNU)

Purple Belt / Male / Heavyweight:

Cooper Cardinale (Alvarez BJJ)

Purple Belt / Male /  Absolute:

Cooper Cardinale (Alvarez BJJ)

Brown Belt / Male / Lightweight:

Michael Foster (Pesadelo BJJ)

Brown Belt / Male / Heavyweight:

Robert Melton (Roberto Kaelin BJJ)


Up next is BJJ Classic Pro Trial Qualifiers Louisiana on July 12th. Check out www.bjjclassic.com for more information.