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TXMMA Technique of the Week: Brandon Quick – Calf Slicer Series

By Felix Rodriguez, Staff Writer | Photo: Brandon Quick and Carlos Diego Ferriera, via Brandon Quick


Brandon Quick Demonstrates a Calf Slicer Series and Counter Options


Cedar Hill, TX, July 24, 2013 – Dallas area resident Brandon Quick is a black belt under Jamie Walsh and the head instructor/owner of the BQuick Jiu-Jitsu Network. His main academy is in Dallas but he also has affiliate schools throughout the DFW area, Sweden and Italy among other places. The proud Los Angeleno has extensive training in traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, No-Gi systems including 10PJJ and Russian Sambo, and has incorporated them all into his network’s curriculum with success. Coach Quick is a methodical instructor whose meticulous attention to detail is quickly paying dividends on the mats. His students are a force to be reckoned with in the Texas tournament scene where standouts like purple belt Levi Mowles and brown belt Donnie Blue have excelled in their divisions and against black belt level competition as well.

In this TXMMA Technique of the Week, Brandon Quick shows our readers a Calf-Slicer series starting from the bottom and ending with a calf slicer from the De La Riva guard. The De La Riva guard, first known as the pudding guard (guarda pudim), was developed by Ricardo De La Riva in Carlson Gracie’s original academy in Brazil to counteract the top-passing skills that Carlson’s students were known for. The calf-slicer attacks the knee, tibula and fibula through compression; in judo techniques that crush/dislocate the knee, like the calf-slicer, are known as Hiza-Hishigi. This week’s technique is demonstrated in the Gi but it is also effective in submission wrestling and in MMA. Houston-based fighter Charles Oliveira defeated Eric Wisely at UFC on Fox 2 using a sneaky calf-slicer that earned him a submission of the night award. Quick’s technique demonstrations present a variety of options to set-up and execute the often under-trained submission.

Ryan Wise will assist Coach Quick in the video.


TXMMA Technique of the Week – Brandon Quick

Technique Description: The Calf slicer creates intense pain and can compromise the knee joint by creating pressure with a bone against the calf muscle. When the attacking limb compresses against a fulcrum the opponent’s joint can lock and lead to serious injury. Brandon the series with a calf slicer from the butterfly guard, the key detail in this first option is to underhook the leg in order to properly spin under Ryan and set up the calf slicer by triangling his legs and creating pressure with his shin. The second set-up comes from the top position. Coach Quick is about to pass but Ryan has trapped his leg in half guard, so to execute the calf-slicer Quick must keep Ryan’s leg isolated and use his free leg to take a back step and use his ankle and shin to compress the calf without needing to triangle his legs. The third part of the calf slicer series is a counter for a De La Riva Guard sweep. When Ryan attempts to sweep Coach Quick to the side, Quick lifts the knee and goes underneath Ryan to counter him by isolating the foot securing the De La Riva hook and triangling his legs to finish the submission.

As always practice the techniques shown here with safety and respect for your training partner.

For more information on the BQuick Jiu-Jitsu Network look them up on Facebook and if you are interested in learning more video techniques from Coach Quick make sure to check out his YouTube Channel also.