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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Children – Texas Parents Offer First-Hand Experiences with the Sport

July 17, 2011 – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is on the rise! As evident by the influx of new tournaments and schools popping up in Texas and all around the nation, this once niche interest is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world.

There was a time when the only time you could see BJJ was in a new phenomenon called The Ultimate Fighting Championship, where a 170Ibs. Brazilian named Royce Gracie used his grappling techniques to subdue and defeat much larger men. Nowadays, signs of BJJ’s surging popularity can be seen everywhere from the movies to your local news reports, like when former BJJ-trained police officer Chris Reed put a stop to a domestic violence situation just last year.

From self defense to physical fitness to a desire to compete, more and more men and women are training nowadays. But it’s not just them. More and more children are entering the sport too. Once upon a time enrolling kids in martial arts meant driving over to your nearest taekwondo school to learn high-velocity punches and kicks, many parents are now opting to send their kids towards Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instead.

We recently spoke to some parents to find out what their children have gained since enrolling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

What Texas Parents Have to Say About Brazilian Jiu Jitu’s Effect on Their Children

“I have all three of my kids enrolled in BJJ & MMA with King Webb at Seguin MMA. They’re not as shy as they used to be and they’re really gaining self-confidence. It’s nice that we have something we can grow together in.” Frank Barrientez

“My 8 year old son Ty has always made good grades in school but everyday was getting letters sent home saying he was talking out in class… We put him in BJJ with Gracie Barra Magnolia and since that day he hasn’t got a letter from his teacher. I really believe Brazilian Jiu Jitu has gone a long way in helping him learn how to stay in control and be disciplined.” – Tim Quinney

“My son has been in BJJ for two years now. We train at BTT-Texas. His overall physical health and confidence is great. Plus the classes are after school so he doesn’t have the time to get in trouble. It’s been awesome for him and he loves to compete.” – William Rider

“I have both my kids in Paragon BJJ and it has brought nothing but positive. Their father is no longer in their lives and having them in Paragon BJJ has helped keep them focused on something fun and positive and not the negative. They love it.” – Lisa Alaniz

“I have myself, my son, daughter and grandson enrolled at Houston Grappling Academy right now. My grandson and I have been training for a year and he has grown in maturity, confidence, and academically. The others are just getting started but enjoy BJJ as well.” – Luis H Morales

“Both our children Michael and Mark are enrolled in in jiu-jitsu with Arsenal JJ (Carlos Diego Ferreira)…. Michael has always been small for his size. Michael’s first love was football but unfortunately his coaches would always tell him he was too small, even though he was good at it. Now he competes in BJJ against guys twice his size and  he doesn’t think twice about it. Mark is the same way. They have learned to respect the mat, always remain humble win or lose, and dedicate themselves to training.

Through this community, they have made friends everywhere, from Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, all the way to California. We go to our local MMA events and grown men come up to Mike and call him by his first name and shake his hand as if he was a fighter, having seen his matches on YouTube. Even through that, he stays humble.  This sport has been great to him.” – Michael Basaldu

“My daughter Grace is seven years old. (8 in August). She has been training for about a year with Marra Senki Jiu Jitsu. Her coach is Professor Gabriel Fuentes and he has absolutely changed her life. She had no interest in it until she saw her brother in his first in-house tournament. After he took second place she was hooked. We got her a pink gi (as daddy promised) and she has not looked back. When she started she was
VERY timid. She would hide behind me or my wife when talking to people. She has surpassed the confident mark, moved on to arrogant and is back to confident. She is often heard telling the boys on the mats not to worry she will try not to hurt them. This from a girl who would not even talk to people she did not know well. And she carries that confidence with her everywhere she goes.

“Many children are involved in non competitive soccer leagues these days, however on the mat she stands alone, this has taught her sportsmanship and preparation. She has developed respect for those above her and found heroes (she loves Hillary Williams) I cannot put into words how much Professor
Gabe has given Grace that could only be found on the training mats and I will always be grateful to him, Marra Senki Jiu Jitsu, and the sport in general.” – Rob Williams

Does your child train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well? Do you have your own story to share about their experiences with BJJ? Please chime in with your own comments for other parents out there that may be considering whether to put their own children onto this emerging sport. We’d be glad to put add your quotes into this article and as always, we definitely appreciate all your input!

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