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Breakout Fighter – Cody “The Wolverine” Williams

By: “The Breakout Scout” Jeff Sasser

In 2011, there were many that proved to be elite fighters, some became National Treasures.  In 2012 we will find a new breed, a new standard of fighting and a newly developed appreciation for what has become the Title; Mixed Martial Artist.  Moving through this year we plan to see the biggest year yet in MMA.  I am the BreakOut Scout; I find the most dedicated the most interesting, the fighters with the passion and drive to be the best at what they do.  Battle to the finish, and finish; VICTORIOUSLY!

As the year progresses, I will point out the Top BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighters” for 2012 and moving forward.  These are fighters that have proven or possess the ability to prove themselves now and in the near future to be among the elite fighters in the Nation.  These fighters show promise and though they may not be limelight fighters at this point, although SOME ARE; these BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighters” are those to keep your eyes on because they will define the standards of fighters and even more the standards of greatness and All Time.  There is a simple range of skill level which will be noticed between each fighter and for MMA fans, the BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighters” are going to be those you should seek out to find and watch as they will put on the best show and demonstrate the knowledge and athleticism it takes to be at the top of their game.

To lead the pack of BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighters,” we start with a “Wolverine.”  By nature a Wolverine is a small compact animal with explosive action and dominating strength.  The “Wolverine” will attack prey much larger than he, to get what he wants.  “If they give me an opening, I am going to end it!”  “I am in there to fight; I am in there to finish!” 

Cody “Wolverine” Williams is an extremely strong, fierce Mixed Martial Artist and the first to be among the Elite as a BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter.”  He has had 3 professional fights and you will notice in each of his fights, his dominance has become unprecedented.   He has the ability to make his opponent move, and constantly guess; and, when they move he attacks with a fierce vengeance and drive that comes from deep within.  He has a dream and a purpose that pushes him further through a dangerous terrain as most of those he fights, are larger prey.

Fighting at 5’6 and 135 pounds, Cody has a short compact build that explodes onto his opponents, and does not stop until the bell rings.  Part of his fight philosophy is, “I am in there to finish,” whenever, “if the bell happens to ring at the end of the first round then so be it, we’ll do a second.”  Cody pushes the pace throughout every minute of every round; he looks to end it with dominance and has made a statement in each of his fights.  His cardio and his strength are his biggest assets in each fight and his opponents know it.  He has a determined spirit and his desire is second to none.  In each of his fights, the opponents who are willing to take fights against him, continually say ; “he brings it!”  As a BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter,” Cody is a force at 135 and his progression from one fight to the next is remarkable.

What makes him a BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter?”  To start with, he has an incredible striking game, Cody has naturally fundamental striking, crisp, physical movement, and analytically technical abilities as he is able to exploit his opponents openings, instantaneously.  With several knockout victories, he has proven to be an elite striker.  His wrestling has progressed enormously since his amateur fights in that his takedown defense is impeccable and he has developed an amazing ability to control his opponents against the cage.  We have seen Cody display a submission game as well, and I believe this is one area that Cody has an undisclosed advantage with his Jiu Jitsu and submission style wrestling.  His ground training is second to none and he has proven that with submission finishes both as an amateur and as a pro; all the while, having unbelievable submission defense.   Cody has quickness, uncommon strength and a scrambling ability that allows him to keep the fight standing which is where he ultimately shines.   In his 8 week training camp he focuses on his game to become a better fighter, to become a great fighter and show that he is a BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter” in 2012.  With all of this, we dig even deeper to recognize the root of Cody’s talent.  He is a “Breakout Fighter” because he has turned a corner in his fight game and continues to grow in prowess, but even more because of his sheer will and determination to be the best and to honestly, and whole heartedly work for it.  He sees himself as a Champion and his supreme dedication to a dream and a purpose that becomes a light at the end of the tunnel, a goal short to finish and in reality, his destiny.

In his fights we see Cody fighting for more than just a win; we see him fighting for a Championship, a reckoning, he fights for a legacy.  “To give him more, than I ever had,” is a mission that ignites a dedication and an inevitable truth, it opens doors to a path, it’s a guide for life that preaches to youth and says, you can do it…but you have to genuinely want it, feel it, and most of all work for it.  Cody has a great team around him to learn from with his instructors, his American Top Team family in Beaumont, those he trains with, mentors, and believes in.  Cody trains in all aspects of what has become “American MMA.”  He feels the victory, smells it, visualizes his triumph, listens to the crowd as his hands are raised and all of this is done, in training; he trains so that the fight is already won before he enters the cage.  “The mental game is an 8 week training camp, just like any other training.”  This encompasses a life experience in which he trains, mentally, physically and spiritually for an experience like no other; he trains to fight, he trains to win.

“If you are within a few hundred miles, and I am fighting; it is worth the drive.  That’s for sure.”

–Cody “Wolverine” Williams

[Cody is forever grateful for those that look out for him, train him, help him and ultimately believe in him.  He makes a request to Sincerely Thank all of his Sponsors, his American Top Team family in Beaumont, son Colton Williams, fiancée Catherine Taylor, Mom and Sister, Legacy and Mick Maynard.  Cody would like to especially thank those who make it possible for him to have the time it takes to train.]



About Jeff Sasser – Known as “The Breakout Scout,” Jeff Sasser is an MMA enthusiast keen on identifying future talent through his “Breakout Fighter” column here on TXMMA.com.

A BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter” shows heart and determination through the direst circumstances to reset and prevail as defeat stares him straight in the face.  It is his intense training and deep unyielding passion and an inspirational drive to be a champion that makes this fighter a special interest to his fans and to the fight community.  A BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter” trains mentally, physically and spiritually to be his best and never leaves the cage with anything less than an effort that leaves everyone in awe.  He continues to boggle the mind and inspire the will of those who witness his fights.  A BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter” is a Champion in mind, body and soul and is a fighter you should be completely aware of because watching a BreakOut Scout “Breakout Fighter” is nothing short of spectacular.