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British Aikido Board the Controversy

The British Aikido Board Controversy is an issue that affects all genuine martial artists around the world, there are many incidents of m/a awarding themselves titles and grades, yet bizarrely here in the UK we have a governing body whose perfidious attempts to alter the proud history of Aikido in the UK from the arrival of the legendary master Kenshiro Abbe sensei in 1955, I (Henry Ellis) was a direct student of Abbe sensei from 1957, the history of martial arts is a very proud and creditable one, the web site “National Aikido Communications Database” was demanding that the British Aikido Board explain their bizarre actions in attemping to change the face of UK aikido history, the BAB then used its influence to close the NACD site down, is this the way for a governing body to act, please visit this honest and well documented site, Yours in Budo Henry Ellis 5th dan ESTA. Please visit the British Aikido website at henry.ellis794@ntlworld.co.uk