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Cody “The Wolverine” Williams looking to start a new win streak beginning with IXFA 8 this Saturday

BEAUMONT, TX, July 5, 2012 – Inconsistent. That’s how Cody “The Wolverine” Williams has described his pro career thus far after five fights and a 3-2 record.

Debuting as a pro in April 2011 after a well-earned 6-1 record in the amateur ranks, Cody has had to fight with more hype and pressure on him that most pros at his level of experience. With plenty of fan support in his hometown of Beaumont and beyond, Cody reeled off two impressive wins in a row in 2011 before losses two out of his last three bouts against some of his toughest opponents yet.

“I could easily be 5-0 and going after a title right now,” Cody says about those defeats – losses he attributes to mistakes made by the slimmest of margins. “I don’t accept failure, I learn from it,” he says about losses. Going so far as to quit his day job to train full-time, he’s now looking to turn things around and rattle off a new win streak at the pro level as he did as an amateur.

That quest begins this Saturday when he takes on late replacement Toddy Matarona at IXFA 8 in Vinton, Louisiana.

We recently spoke to him about his mindset headed into this bout.


Interview – Cody Williams (ATT Beaumont)


How are you feeling heading into this fight? Any motivation to perform super strong coming off a loss?

I’m always motivated to perform strong coming off of a win, loss, or draw – I feel great as I always feel prepared mentally physically and spiritually heading into all of my fights. I have yet to lose a round or be out classed in the cage at any point in my professional career – although my record is blemished with 2 losses they were both minor mistakes that have been corrected and I continue to build my skill set and move forward with progress in each fight.

You recently went to ATT home base. What was that experience like?

It was my third trip there – although this was by far the most rigorous trip – staying with Cole Miller and running through the classes with those caliber athletes really had me pushing my body to the limit – I think physically if you aren’t used to training those long hours and number of work outs then it makes it even harder to make it through day to day – after a while I’m sure the body acclimates itself to the schedule and intensity and I look forward to spending enough time down there to get to that point – I gathered a lot of great instruction, drills and advice on how to deal with recent events and it was exactly what I needed at this point.

How would you describe your pro career so far? 

Inconsistent – I’m 2 mistakes away from possibly being a 5-0 fighter and probably would be preparing to fight for the Legacy title – I don’t accept failure although I learn from it – I don’t make excuses I only take results and work off of that – the most memorable experience so far is fighting on national TV even though I’ve yet to pull out a win that’s something that not everyone can say they’ve done.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

Possibly making a debut in a worldwide organization – I just need to be more consistent on taking care of business on my end in the cage – I just started my own business and am working on getting it off the ground which is just one step at a time and is exciting to see it growing in front of my eyes.

How’s life outside the cage for you right now?

Life is life – everyone has their battles and everything happens for a reason – I am just blessed to have the support system I do and the people around me.

I know you’ve been thinking about being a full-time fighter for awhile. Is that becoming a reality?

It finally has – I put my two weeks notice in before I went to Florida to train and since I’ve been back have really been getting in solid work twice a day – now that I’m not working a day job I have had more time to take on some of my own marketing and getting ready to help another one of our fighters make the leap into the professional ranks.

What’s this fight with Aaron Phillips going to be like? What are you expecting from him as an opponent?

Well last I heard he blew out his hip and I’m not sure who I’m fighting really so this is new to me – I’m a well rounded athlete and fighter that can take care of things wherever this fight ends up so ill just be ready to step in the cage and perform come July 7th.

How would you prefer to win this fight?

Anyway that’s exciting – no decisions.

When do we see you in the cage after this one?

September back in Houston for Legacy.

Any last words before IXFA 8 this Saturday night in Vinton?

Big thanks to all of the guys at American Top Team CC that worked with me – Cole Miller for letting me crash at his place Micah Miller for letting me pick his brain apart on some of his fights, Congrats to Ken Stone on his recent UFC win – we worked a couple of sessions together, Thanks to my Mom Debra Padia and sister Emily Zambardino and their families for being a huge support, Mike and Linh Berryhill owners at American Top Team BMT, Todd and Penni Gebhardt, Rebecca Morgan, all my training partners at ATT BMT, Greg Diaz and his family, want to thank God for keeping his hand on my shoulder during tough struggles, all the new editions to the American Top Team Family in World Gym, National Pump and Compressor, Hooters, Cornel Brewery, and the continued support from Sign Builders of America as they have been the backbone of support for me in many ways and continue to put out quality commercial signage for business as they grow every month and have returned the appreciation with going above and beyond the call to service their customers. To my brothers, Jason and Wallace Olmedo and the one and only Lee Williams. Thanks for the interview Mike. I always enjoy the great coverage from TXMMA.com and the phenomenal photos you put out – ready to get this… and to my number one fan and biggest motivation my son Colton, I love you son!