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Legacy FC 10 Interview – Cody Williams ready to come back against JT Mendez

HOUSTON, TX, February 20, 2012 – If you are a fan fight in Houston, then you should already know it’s Legacy Fights week. Mick Maynard and crew hit the Arena Theater with Legacy Fighting Championship 10 this Friday night and it has shaped up to be another good one. From top to bottom this card is full of matchups that could produce some very exciting fights for live crowd and those watching on HDNet.

We’ll go through many of these fights this week as we talk to the athletes getting ready to hit the cage this Friday. We begin by speaking to Beaumont’s Cody “Wolverine” Williams. A top prospect at bantamweight, Cody has quickly become known as one of the best up-and-coming talents around. He’ll be looking to make his way back from his first loss as a pro in this one after taking on seasoned veteran Steve Garcia (4OZ) back in December. This time around, he’ll be taking on JT Mendez (Silverback Fight Club), another dangerous puncher with multiple Golden Gloves titles and a former national team member looking to break into the sport of MMA with a knockout of him own.


Legacy FC 10 Interview – Cody Williams (American Top Team)


Hi Cody, how are you feeling heading into this fight this weekend?

Well prepared as always. I’ve been wanting back in the Legacy cage since the night of December 16th. I’m confident in every way possible for this event.

You’re known for training extremely hard for fights. Just how insane is your routine?

Success through hard work. –Dustin “Clean” Denes. My training routine is rigorous, intense, and lengthy. Sometimes it’s early morning runs, other times its late night mitt sessions or a Saturday in my garage working jiu-jitsu with whoever is willing to train and I love it that way. A “normal” training day would be scheduled as getting up at 7 am for work – then at some point in the lunch hours I’ll either make my way to the gym for plyometric training and a short run or head to American Top Team Beaumont for pad work with my head coach Mike Berryhill. Then it’s back to work until five – pick up my son from daycare then back to the gym for stretching and whatever is on tap depending what day it is from 530-645. From there my fiancé will normally take my son with her home or he might make the trip to American Top Team Beaumont depending on her school schedule as she also works ful-time – 715 arrive at American Top Team Beaumont and handle business until normally around 9-9:30 then home for food, cleaning up, and some sort of therapy for my body to recover – then ill either watch some instructional videos or just dig online for techniques etc – finally about midnight I’ll make it to bed to do it all again the next day.

Does the fact that you’re coming off a loss fuel you even more?

I’d say yeah because everyone wants to get back in the win column asap – but its good to have that loss to push me during training other than that I just do me regardless of the last fight win or lose.

What are your thoughts on that last fight a few months later? How has it changed you as a fighter?

It was a good fight. Wish the end result would have been different but its what I do now that will define me. It was a lesson learned and I’m fortunate it was early in my career so that I can evaluate my mistakes, correct them, and fight a smarter fight. I’m just going to have to be more patient and change up my timing coming in. More feints, head fakes, stuff like that to keep my opponent guessing.

What have you done to make sure it ends up different this time?

I’ve prepared for this fight like any other, like I”m fighting for a world championship. I’ve integrated more speed and explosive plyometrics through the help of some friends that I have in the sports performance training industry.

What do you know about your opponent, JT Mendez? Anything in particular you should watch out for?

This is the first time I haven’t really looked too much into my opponent. I’ve seen some sparring videos he has but didn’t really dissect them like I have in the past but I know he’s a boxer with some crisp hands so its going to be interesting to see how he handles the transition from boxing to MMA. 

Any predictions?

Having my hand raised at the end of this fight.

You’re known for having a large fan base. What can they expect out of you in the near future? What’s next?

2012 is going to be the year for me. It’s easy for people to say that but I’m obsessed with training and going beyond the status quo of what other people do to prepare for a fight. We’re going to continue to grow at American Top Team Beaumont and ultimately for the fans I’m going to continue to put on high energy performances inside the cage. They love to watch it I love to fight it.

Where do you see yourself at the end of 2012?

Legacy Belt Strapped on my waist, a Bellator/UFC contract in my hand and the coast of Florida in the back ground.

Any last words?

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