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Corpus Christi’s Chris Pecero – Ready for XKO Lightweight Title Shot at XKO 10!

March 22, 2011 – In focus today is Corpus Christi native Chris Pecero, who will be competing in the main event at Xtreme Knockout 10 for the promotion’s lightweight title on April 9th in Arlington.

At 3-1 and fresh off a scintillating January KO over Jarrett Jones at XKO 9, the American Revolution-trained Pecero is readying for the first title shot of his professional career riding a wave of momentum as he looks to take out current champion Chris Jones and claim the belt as his own.

In preparation for this upcoming XKO event, we spoke to Chris Pecero to get his perspective on his beginnings in the sport, what life is like outside the cage, and other topics – such as what he thinks about the current champion and what he tools he brings to the table that will allow him to beat him.

Read on and get to know XKO 10 Lightweight Title Challenger Chris Pecero.

Chris, how does it feel to be going for your first pro title at XKO 10 in a few weeks?

It is an honor. I’m blessed to have this opportunity early in my career. For years, I’ve visualized myself competing against the best in the world and this is another step in that direction.

How did you get into fighting? Can you give us some of your training background?

It’s an interesting story. My older brother would watch the early UFC’s intently. One day, he decided to use me as a dummy to test out a heel hook. To his amazement, I screamed in pain. Then, he made me do it to him and he tapped while laughing. We became addicted to finding out all the movements necessary to perform submission holds properly. We’d watch fight sequences in slow motion for countless hours. By the time I started to train at a BJJ gym, I would say that I was already at a blue belt level. I also wrestled for a short time in high school. Now, I am currently training at American Revolution Muay Thai & Submission Center under the Maurice Smith and Freddy Medellin Professional Fighting System. We work every aspect of the fight from submission to wrestling to our Dutch-Style Muay Thai.

Other than MMA, what else do you do with your time outside of training?

I work full time in the MHMR field. I am married with two boys, Cash Erik Pecero and Saku Element Pecero. Toddler and newborn. I spend whatever time I have with my family. I love them so much.

You are currently 6-1 overall between your amateur and professional career. How did you overcome losing your pro debut to win the rest of your fights until now?

I actually also have a draw that wasn’t documented on my amateur record for some reason. A funny bit of info – I gained two major things from my loss. Everybody has to lose at some point and if I had gone 22-0 and then lost, who knows if I would know how to deal with it. Nobody wants to lose, especially not their pro debut, but I now have the understanding of how it feels and it won’t get me down. Before my loss, I had a feeling of invincibility. My other gain is that

constant reminder in the back of my head that I can be beat if I leave myself open. That motivates me to continuously improve my techniques and put in the work, day in and day out.

What does this upcoming fight with Chris Jones mean to you? Any added pressure since it is a title fight?

It is very important to me. This is, like I said before, another step. I wouldn’t want to stumble on it. I respect Chris Jones and am thankful for this shot at the belt. I am ready to compete at my full potential. I was never jittery before any of my fights until the last one. It was to decide who would be the #1 contender in XKO and I finally felt the nerves. The outcome was explosive. I invite the pressure and will use it to my advantage.

How do you feel like you match up with Chris and vice versa?

I believe that I am more refined technically and that he has more of a raw aggression that he uses to finish guys. I think we are going to make it exciting to watch. We both will be looking for the finish. I can’t wait to put on a show for the fans!

Any predictions on how the fight will end?

I predict that I will take advantage of whatever openings he presents and finish it in the early rounds.

Win or lose, what’s next for Chris Pecero?

Of course, I plan on winning and then defending the belt for as long as possible. No matter what, I will be pushing forward to the next battle and seeking to get closer to an unattainable perfection. It’s never ending.

Any last words for your fans in Corpus Christi and all over Texas?

Thank you to everybody that’s supports me and especially those who help me prepare and train. I’ll do my best every time for the fans. If you come out to watch, you know we put on a show. If you haven’t been to an MMA show, you don’t know what you’re missing. American Revolution all day!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I am a young and hungry fighter. My gym is the same. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me or my teammates, please get in contact with us.

My email is chrispecero@yahoo.com

The gym’s email is American_revolution_mma@yahoo.com

Thank you for the good questions, Mr. Calimbas. I look forward to future interviews.