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Crutchmaster’s Monster Warrior Workout 2

MONSTER WARRIOR WORKOUT 2 – Bodyweight Workout

Submitted by Duane “Crutchmaster” Stevenson.


Submitted by Duane “Crutchmaster” Stevenson.

Body Weight Routine

10 Minute warm up and stretch

1.ÿ 20×20 push ups

2.ÿ 20×30 sit ups.

Alternate back and forth between sets of sit ups and push ups, with no breaks. (20×20 means 20 sets of 20 repetitions each.)

3ÿ 3×60 squats, 15-20 seconds rest.

4.ÿ 5×40-yard dash, 15-20 seconds rest, stretch muscles if needed.

5.ÿ Cooldown and you’re finished!!!!!

About the author:
Duane The ‘CrutchMaster’ Stevenson is a trainer and has a unique training approach that works.ÿ He will find your weakness and help you make them stronger.ÿÿ Duane resides in the Houston, TX area, where he trains fighters.ÿ He can be reached at
MonsterWarriorcrosstraining@hotmail.com or call 832-524-4143.ÿ Though disabled, he is a remarkable trainer who will improve your game.