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Dale “Alpha Male” Mitchell on Fighting his Good Friend Drew Raticheck at Immortal Kombat II

HOUSTON, TX, January 25, 2012 – When you stand 6’1″ and walk around at a hulking 265+ lbs, it’s kind of hard not to get noticed. Amazingly enough, our next interview Dale Mitchell has historically been the quiet man on the local MMA scene but he’s looking to change that and start getting noticed.

Beginning his career in mid-2008, Dale “The Alpha Male” jumped into the cage quickly after he began training against guys like recent Pro Elite 3 winner Richard Odoms and Hurricane Ike Villanueva. Losing 4 out of his first 5 fights, Dale often questioned his will and desire to stay in MMA but has persevered; winning his last two in a row by TKO despite taking fights on short notice.

This Saturday at Immortal Kombat II, Dale will continue to build his MMA career and take his record to .500 against fellow Houstonian Drew Raticheck, a guy he considers a good friend despite the fact they’ll be standing across from one another at the Competitive Edge Sports Center in just a few days time. Here as some of Dale’s thoughts heading into this fight.


Interview – Dale Mitchell (Silverback Fight Club)


Dale, tell us a little bit about how you got started in MMA. Who do you train with?

photo: Jonathan Irvin, Enigma Photos

Much like any other heavyweight out there I played football through college and unfortunately things didn’t go as planned so I moved back home and was working as a bouncer at an adult establishment and of course I had my hands full with people on liquid courage. Good ole’ Rev Bart was a DJ at the time and saw an altercation and asked me a few questions and invited me to a show. Next thing you know, I was over with Saul Soliz at Metro. Due to the location of my home, I couldn’t continue to make the trips so I tried a few places before landing at Silverback Fight Club/MMA a few years ago.

So what’s it been like since then? What type of rewards do you love most about being a fighter?

I love this sport for many reasons that may surprise you. My biggest reward from the sport comes from the little kid who ask me for a picture after a fight or even just out around town or when the kid and some adults who ask for an autograph, I love the people who love me and support what I and every fighter does for their entertainment and the risk we take. Believe it or not, I actually go to various high schools and junior high schools in my area and visit with FCA (future Christian athletes) students and also the supposed not so good “troubled” kids (who in my opinion need an outlet, perhaps MMA). It’s amazing how every kid and group that I have visited with shows so much attention and respect and enthusiasm when I’m there. I have had principals attend and allow extra time cutting into their regular schedule just so I could continue with the kids. Those are a few of the things I love and get out of doing what I do.

How would you describe yourself as a fighter?

If I had to describe myself as a fighter I would have to say I’m a fighter that’s full of heart, drive and will. You can always expect nothing short of my best and my all when I’m there. I mean, what else can someone expect?! Other than that, I’m not giving away any game plans. <laughs>

What are some of your most memorable moments so far since you’ve been in MMA?

There are way too many memorable moments and highlights over the years in the cage as well as the tournament circuits. Every time I compete in any way it’s a memorable moment for me. To be completely honest, the biggest highlight for me in my career is seeing Houston MMA grow and prosper. There’s so much competition and talent!

What about biggest challenges so far?

The most difficult test I have faced so far is keeping my drive. I have faced times just like every other fighter out there in which I have questioned my desire. With the help and support of all my brothers across the Houston MMA scene I’ve found myself in the sport again. Many of us as fighters have crossed this road.

So do you spend a lot of time in the gym now? How do you get some relief in your off time?

When I’m not training I’m still at the gym working out. I’m also a personal trainer so I’m always in the gym regardless. Other than that, I spend every second I can with my 5 year old mini-me. He brings the kid out of me. I love toys again because of him. That little guy is my best friend (was that a tear?). I’m a pretty simple man who spends time with family and friends and loves to train and workout.

Back to MMA, what do you want to accomplish this year?

My goals for 2012 inside as well as outside are to be better and greater than the year before. If you’re sitting in the same position in December as you were in January then what’s the point? You gotta have a purpose and determination in life. My sights are set on a belt and then the next steps will follow. As far as the grappling tournament scene, I’m sighted on a national title and hopefully I’ll be blessed enough to compete on a world stage.

You’ll be fighting in just a few days at IMKF 2. How do you feel about this fight at IMKF and how’s camp been for you?

I feel pretty comfortable going in after coming off of 2 straight victories. This was actually a short-notice fight, like 1 week. The nerves and pressure are always there but I just look at it as another day at the office, DO WORK! Camp has and always is great. Camp seems to never end because we’re constantly getting ourselves or a team mate ready for a fight. I’ve had help from everyone at SFC and a few others as well. My biggest challenge going into this fight is that I just had a fight and won January 14th just 2 weeks before the IMKF event. Also, Rich Clementi called me a few days ago wanting me to fight in his show in St. Louis on January 21st. Unfortunately, I was unable to take the fight but we’ll keep going.

What are your thoughts on fighting Drew Raticheck?

We are actually very good friends so this should be interesting to see. I have never been put in this situation (fighting a friend) but we both had to swallow it and man up.

How can we expect this fight to go? Any predictions?

I can only see this fight as being fun. I’ve never been this excited and smiling for a fight for the simple fact that I’m fighting a buddy. Believe me, we are both ready to unleash on Saturday. As far as a prediction, of course I see my hand being raised but of course with us both coming out safe.

Any fights on the horizon after this?

To be honest I don’t know what’s next for me. There is nothing scheduled or set in stone, this fight and my last one were both extremely short notice due to the fact of people dropping. That’s why training camp never ends because I always have to be ready to step when needed.

Any last words before Saturday?

Nothing left to say but thank you to the following and if I forget you please don’t hate me just so many of ya’ll to thank: God, Mom & Dad, my son Jordan and his mother Melissa for the support, Coach Tony Orozco and the entire Silverback Family, all my training partners, Mr. George Foreman and his family, Jeremy Brown for all the help, TXMMA.comthecagedoor.net, Jake Latimer of IMKF, all promoters whoever gave me a shot, JDF of Jesus Didn’t Tap, Preston Kiser and the CHEIFDOODLE movement, Rev Bart, every kid who looks up to me, all my family, friends and fans who have ever supported me through my career, I LOVE ALL YA’LL AND THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. If I forgot you forgive me, I still got love for ya’ll too. AND THANK YOU MIKE AND TXMMA.COM FOR YOUR INTEREST, TIME AND CONSIDERATION!

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