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David Armas details his grudge match with Jeremy Mahon leading up to Legacy Fighting Championship 9

HOUSTON, TX, December 8, 2011
– When it comes to fighters in the Houston MMA Fight Scene that exemplify the term “raw emotion,” few compare to David Armas out of Silverback Fight Club. Whether it’s in the cage, through conversation, or with anything else, it’s very evident that he’s the type of person that wears his heart on his sleeve. Set to take on 4OZ Fight Club coach/fighter Jeremy Mahon next Friday night on HDNet’s Legacy Fighting Championship 9, David hasn’t been shy to speak of his disdain for his opponent.

All hyperbole aside and it’s still safe to say there’s no love between these two. Although they may earn each other’s respect as athletes when it’s all said and done, this fight is every bit the grudge match it’s been billed to be  as one of the more interesting attractions set for the local undercard of this event.

Read on as David expands on that and his own history here in this in-depth TXMMA.com pre-fight interview for Legacy Fighting Championship 9.


Interview – David Armas


First of all David, how are you feeling with your fight just about a week away?

Man, I swear I’ve never been more excited for a fight sir. I feel like a kid at Baskin Robbins looking through the glass staring at all the different flavored ice creams. I feel great! My cardio is through the roof (something like Jacob Silva), weight is perfect… confidence is superb… My hands, kicks, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu is better than ever thanks to Big Tony, Jason David Frank, Jesse Mendez, JT Mendez, Lil Tony, Jacob, Scotty, Chile, Ramiro, Larry, Derrick, Lil’ Henry, Lil’ Bones, and the rest of my training partners. I’m ready for this fight.

I’ve you mention that this fight is a “must win” for you. Is that because of the guy you are fighting or other factors as well?

I’m very focused and this is a must-win indeed. I would say it’s a combination of factors but mainly because of the guy that I’m fighting. If you look at my past fights where guys that I called out or called me out (Colin Wright and Andrew Musquiz), it brought the best out of me. I won ‘fight of the night’ both times. I would really love a rematch against Colin Wright. When I fought him I had only had been training 5 months. I didn’t know half the stuff I know now and I want to test myself to see where I’m at. But for this fight, my thought process is to murder this guy so you’ll see the best David Armas fight next Friday night.

Those are some strong words and this fight obviously has a ‘grudge match’ feel to it. Why is that? Take us through the history of your ‘beef’ with Jeremy Mahon.

It started when Rakim Cleveland commented on a Facebook photo talking about our gym, calling us jailbirds, and saying that 4oz would beat Silverback’s ass. Jeremy went on there and “liked” those comments. I wasn’t gonna let that slide so I got on Rakim’s ass about it. Everybody knows how hard we’ve worked to get to where we’re at so for a bum like Rakim to say that and Jeremy to back him up says a lot. Jeremy took up for Rakim after I said what I said and that’s how me and him got into it. I guess he thought he was going to punk me or something. <laughs> That will never and has never happened. I’ll fight anyone that has a problem with us. I don’t care who you think you are. You might not like us but you will respect us. Honestly though, I don’t hate Jeremy. He just came at me all wrong and he’s gonna have to make me earn his respect because I had none for him after that. He and Rakim were wrong and I admit I might have been to for some of the things I said to Rakim but he’s a grown ass man… You don’t need to be speaking for him. I think they both know they messed up, but if they don’t they will Friday night. I promise that.

As far as your own history as a fighter – Can you quickly give us a recap of how you get into this game and what’s it done for your life?

I started training last year (June 2010). I had no experience at all before that. I had plenty of fights before I got into this sport but I was your typical “street fighter,” as they would say. I had no technique before I came to Silverback and Savannah with Jesse. Fighting has made me a better person and I can honestly say that. I used to be a loose cannon. I thought I was the shit but I really wasn’t. This has taught me discipline and respect. I might not be perfect and I’ll be the first to admit I slip every now and then but I’m an angel compared to before. Before I started training I had 20 years of my life where I didn’t care about anything or anyone so you have to understand where I come from. It’s not easy. I’ve only been training a year and a half and look how far and good I’ve gotten at this. That should tell you that you need to come train with us. Y’all can’t name fighters from any other gym that started off with zero experience and have made it as far as we have in a short period of time. Look at Derrick Lewis, Larry Crowe, Jacob Silva, and John Rodriguez just to name a few. None of us have been training long at all. Come to Silverback Fight Club. We have the best program and not many can argue with that. Just look as our performances.

What’s it like training over there?

Man it’s great I couldn’t have had a better gym in the country take me in. It’s an incredible feeling to be here representing such a great camp. We’re bound to produce UFC fighters out of here. Just wait and see. We’ll get there. There’s a lot of good fighters out there that have asked to come work with us to so I’m really looking forward to that once my dad decides who to bring in to work with and help us.

What’s your relationship like with Coach Tony Orozco?

Just like a father and son relationship. We don’t always see eye to eye and we get into it a lot but I love him no matter what. I’ll never turn my back on him but I will curse him out. <laughs> He pushes me a lot and is always on me because he expects a lot from me and I know that. Maybe if I would’ve had a dad like him growing up I’d be better off today. I’m glad that God put him in my life and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re far from perfect but we are good people. I’ve learned through my life that you don’t find too many good people in this world and when you do you need to hold on to them.

Have you been doing anything special to get ready for this one specifically?

You know I was rolling a lot more before, working on my jits a lot. When I train I go for submissions but when I fight I go for the kill. It’s just my nature to go for the knockout and that’s just the fighter I am. I’m really looking forward to doing some jiu-jitsu tournaments after this fight. I’ve spoken with Brett Boyce and he has some good stuff for us. But for this fight I’ve been working my striking a lot. Mainly been focusing on that and making striking is my strong point. I’ve tried to get crisp with my hands and kicks while not getting too eager. I think that’s where I mess up. I tend to swing for the fences a lot. Fighting is more of a chess game and I’ve started to realize that so I need to stop playing it like checkers.

Animosity aside, what do you think of Jeremy Mahon as a fighter?

I think he’s a decent fighter, I don’t think he’s a bum or anything. I just don’t think he’s better than me. I read his interview where he said he’s a purple belt in jiu jitsu – now well that’s interesting. I didn’t know that. So I guess if I either knock him out or submit him it would make a statement. I think he’ll want to stand with me though and that’s what I plan on doing. But if it does go to the ground…well I’ll just let my ground game do the talking.

Any prediction as to how you’ll beat him?

I really want to knock him out but we’ll see what happens. You never really know what to expect. But I do plan on getting KO of the night. That’s the plan.

What’s next for you after this fight?

After this fight I honestly don’t know. I have some tough decisions to make. But I want to get a spot on HDNET. that’s something I want to accomplish, fighting on the main card. That would be a dream come true for me.

Any last words before next Friday?

Thank you for this interview Mike. I really appreciate you and everything you do. I want to thank JDF of course for training and working with me. I want to thank all my training partners as well as Big Tony and Jesse my boxing coach. Thank y’all for getting me ready for this fight. I want to thank Cory and Dave at Drink Houston for sponsoring me and helping me out. Thank you Siva and Babe’s for still being there for me. Thanks to Thomas Chelly and Limitless Fitness for training me as well. Thanks Fight Medics for looking out for me. Jesus Didn’t Tap, the best clothing line in MMA is my number #1 sponsor. Check them out at Jesusdidnttap.com – they have the best gear hands down. Thank you Mick for this opportunity and everything you’ve done. Dana White don’t got shit on you. Everybody that has helped me, you know who you are I love y’all to death. See y’all next Friday. God Bless.


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