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David Armas Ready to Face the Punisher this Friday at Cage Combat 4!

HOUSTON, TX, June 27, 2011 – Continuing forward with our fight week coverage for this Friday’s Cage Combat 4 event, we speak to David Armas, who will stand opposite Andrew Musquiz in one of the featured fights of the evening at the Humble Civic Center.

The last time Houston saw compete was at the Legacy Amateur Series this past May, when he was challenging for his first title against childhood friend Manny Lozoya. Struggling to make weight prior to the fight, the Silverback fighter gave his all in the cage before coming out on the losing end of a unanimous decision in a fight that was cut abruptly cut short – ending after the third round when both fighters expected it to go the full five.

Heartbroken, dismayed, and feeling robbed after that fight, David Armas has since gained perspective and now counts that situation as a learning experience. Undaunted and believing in himself more than ever, David will now look to prove himself against “The Punisher” at Garcia Promotion’s Cage Combat 4.

David, the last time we saw you after your amateur title fight with Manny Lozoya at Legacy. How did feel in the days follow having just lost in a fight that by all accounts shouldn’t have been over?

Man, it was depressing. I couldn’t believe it happened… It was like dream. For like a week or two after the fights, I was mad and pissed off. I felt like that was my shot (for the title) and I really trained hard for that fight. I killed myself making weight and everything else so to have it stopped was real hard for me.

It’s been some time since that fight now. How have you moved on and re-focused for the future?

Oh man, I realized that it’s all just an experience and I’m glad it happened in the amateurs. I don’t want to fight at 135 anymore as an amateur since it’s pretty hard for me to get there right and I want to continue taking tough fights until I make my pro debut, which will be really soon. I know fighting at 145 will get me bigger guys like this fight coming up but that will help prepare me for the pros. Friday is going to be a big test for me and I’m really looking forward to it.

Your opponent, Andrew Musquiz – What do you think of him as a fighter? Have you had a chance to analyze his skills before the fight?

I would say he’s a pretty decent fighter. I haven’t watched a lot of video on him but I know he’s got decent stand-up. I was there at his last fight when he knocked out that dude (John Wible) but that’s not going to happen to me. I feel like I’m a better all-around fighter than he is and I know I have a bigger heart than anybody so I’ll get a chance to show that all on Friday night.

In the interview he did with TXMMA.com earlier this week, Andrew made the statement that both of you guys were well-rounded and good on the ground but you both prefer to stand up and bang. Would you say that’s accurate?

Yeah, that’s accurate. I don’t really know what he prefers but I know I like to stand up and bang. I’d usually rather not go the ground but I make my pro debut on July 22nd also so whatever way this fight comes, I’m just going to try and end it early.

Does the result of your last fight against Manny Lozoya play into your strategy this time around, simply knowing this will be a three-round fight?

Yeah, that fight was different because I was pacing myself and didn’t want to wear out in the first couple of rounds. I usually like to go for the knockout in the first round but coaches told me not to do that in that fight because if I tried to kill him in the first two and didn’t get it, there would be three rounds to go and I’d be worn out. With this one on Friday, I know it’s only a three-round and my cardio is great so when that bell rings, it’s going to be a war.

With this fight, you know you’re going to be fighting a Team Tooke opponent. At Cage Combat 3, there seemed to be some flare-ups in the crowd as far as your two camps having some words. Are you worried about that happening this time around?

I don’t know, to be honest. I know a lot of their fans were really disrespectful last time with the Justin Castillo / Eric Thompson fight. Not to point any fingers or anything but there was a lot of stuff going on. I was actually sitting in the crowd trying to calm all our fans down when all that was going on and I already told our guys not to get into that kind of mess or fighting in the crowd this time around. We’ll be really respectful on our side but if something happened, I can’t really control it. All I’d like to ask is for all the fans out there on all sides to control themselves.

With the fight coming up at the end of the week and your pro debut already lined up, it sounds like your career is starting to move. How does it feel to know you’ll be getting paid to fight soon?

Man, I can’t tell you how happy I feel. I’ve been begging my dad (Tony Orozco) to let me go pro for the longest now. He’s always told me he’ll allow me to do that when I was ready so I’m just honored he feels that way now. I can’t wait to step in there as a pro. …I am looking forward to that but I can’t look past Andrew Musquiz so I’m really focused on Friday right now. I know what I’m capable of and feel like a real good all-around fighter so I believe it’s my time to show it.

Any last words for Andrew “The Punisher” Musquiz before Friday?

Keep those hands up!

What about your supporters? Anything else you have to say to them?

I love y’all. Tony, Scotty, Jacob, everybody man. My mom, my sister… I love all of y’all. I’m looking forward to Friday. I’ll see y’all there!

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