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David “Machine Gun” Kelly hoping for encore this Friday at SCC 5

By TXMMA Staff | Photo by Mike Calimbas


David “Machine Gun” Kelly hoping for an encore at SCC V: Pasadena’s Salute to the Troops


1378333_388646694596598_1431148293_nKATY, TX, November 6, 2013 – Debuting versus Andrew Miller back at SCC 4 this past August, David “Machine Gun” Kelly quietly served notice that might be one of the future prospects that could make an impact on the Houston MMA scene.

With one ‘Fight of the Night’ award already under his belt he’ll be returning this Friday night when he takes on 24 year old Johnny Gaona as part of SCC V: Pasadena’s Salute to the Troops in what should be once again one of the more exciting fights of the evening should both fighters fight true to form.

We recently caught up with David to get his thoughts prior to his sophomore fight.


TXMMA Interview – David “Machine Gun” Kelly


TXMMA:  David, it’s good to see you headed back into the cage?  How are you feeling about Friday?

David Kelly: It’s good to be back! I have been training harder than ever for this fight so I’m feeling great and ready to go!

TXMMA:  You debuted with a FOTN effort at SCC 4. Tell us a little bit about that one. Did it go as you expected?

David Kelly: Well it’s kind of a funny story, my first opponent was supposed to be a heavy wrestler so we did this huge crash course wrestling/stopping takedowns camp. Then after a month of that my opponent changed, thankfully he was another wrestler.  Then my opponent was changed again a week before the fight and we didn’t know what he did. After three changes my coaches and I just got to the point to where we didn’t care who I was going to fight as long as I had one! Then when fight day comes, we step in the cage and all he wanted to do was strike, that’s home for me. It went pretty smoothly after that.

TXMMA:  What did you take away from that fight as far as lessons go?

David Kelly: Well I learned to not worry so much about who I’m going to fight, and that my shins will hurt for 2 weeks after.

TXMMA:  What do you feel your greatest strengths are as a fighter?

David Kelly: My greatest strengths would be my Muay Thai, BJJ, and my determination. My wrestling is quickly making that list though! Nothing can stop me (Except a heel hook)!

TXMMA:  At 18, you’ve got a long road in front of you. Tell us a little bit about you goals.

David Kelly: My goals, huh? I actually have a few long/short term goals. 1. To better myself through Martial Arts as a person and a fighter. 2. To be the greatest MMA fighter out there! I also have a few mantras I recite to myself daily.

TXMMA:  So what do you plan on improving upon for your next fight?

David Kelly: I won’t run out of energy this time around, I doubled my road work. Also I think my opponent is really going to go after the takedown.

TXMMA:  Have you studied your opponent at all? How do you plan to win?

David Kelly: My opponent looks like a wrestler from what I’ve seen so I plan on standing with him. I know he is going to try and take me down but I will stop everything and let my hands and feet go. I see myself winning by K.O. But plans change when you get hit, so I might get a Submission or a TKO for the win. We’ll see what happens.

TXMMA:  What’s next for you?

David Kelly: I would like to do a few more of these ammy MMA and Muay Thai fights then hopefully go pro! It’s my dream to be able to fight pro and make a living with Martial Arts, nothing would make me happier. I would also like to get my driver’s license!

TXMMA:  Any last words for fight fans or anyone else in the community?

David Kelly: I would like to thank my team and coaches for always being there to help me! I would also like to thank my family and friends for always being there for me when I get home from the gym, also my girlfriend Lisa for always taking care of me and supporting my dream. Then one last S/O to my opponent for taking this fight, hope we have a good one!