TXMMA – Texas Mixed Martial Arts

Dallas Jiu-Jitsu / Texas Gladiators

Address : , Texas , USA

    We are the only school in the NATION that hosts monthly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments & Muay Thai KickBoxing “Sparring Sessions”. We offer championship training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and KickBoxing. We train in all 3 phases of Mixed Martial Arts. (1)Striking skills (MuayThai Kickboxing/Boxing)... (2) Clinch/Takedowns (Wrestling/Greco/Judo)…(3)Ground Fighting (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Wrestling). Our programs are tailor made for both the beginner and advanced student with personalized attention. Kids Classes 4 days a week, day/evening Adult Classes 6 days a week! Train with the only instructor in central Dallas actively competing and fighting in venues such as (Renegades Cage fighting, Texas Ultimate Fight Challenges, etc.), multi-gold medalist in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, undefeated as an amateur fighter and currently a Professional Fighter actively testing his skills in the ring/cage. We\'ve trained past Golden Gloves Champions and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mixed Martial Arts Winners. Contact Dallas Jiu Jitsu & KickBoxing Academy for your 2 FREE Introductory lessons! 214-240-5988 Email Coach@DallasJiuJitsu.com. Check out the website at www.DallasJiuJitsu.com

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