TXMMA – Texas Mixed Martial Arts

Fighting Concepts

Address : , Texas , USA

    We are a No Gi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu(BJJ)/ Mixed Martial arts Club. We have the concept of do what works, on the Street, in the Cage, and in the Ring." Kinda like what Bruce Lee said " use what works and throw the rest away." What to expect You will punch and kick and roll and or spar in all classes. We will do a warmup with a dynamic warmup with some foam rolling, a few calisthenics, then teach punches kicks and drill some grappling moves. Then we will spar or roll. In ALL classes. This how you learn if rolling/sparring with a more advance teammate they will not kill you, but teach where your messing up. In the later class it will be harder. Right now the schedule will be kids 5:30 pm to 6:45 AdULTS 7:00PM until 9:00 no day classes until maybe I retire. I retire December 2014. Prices are very fair $50.00 for first responders Police, Corrections Officers, EMT, Firemen, the rest are $75.00 a month Family $80.00. If you are poor, or a poor college student, we will talk. Firm but, fair Prices I know the economy is jacked up and no one who trains is rich. Anyway thats about it, contact me if your not a quiter and want to learn how to fight On the Street, In the Cage, and in the Ring. Jay Gibbs http://www.fighting-concepts.com/ http://www.facebook.com/FightingConceptsLLC?ref=hl#!/FightingConceptsLLC

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