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Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ

Address : , Texas , USA

    Come train with World Champion, Rodrigo Pinheiro, from Gracie Humaita. Rodrigo has trained under Royler Gracie, and received his black belt under 6-time World Champion, Saulo Ribeiro. Rodrigo is a 3-time Pan American Champion, a 5-time Brazilian National Champion and winner of the Brazilian Championship in Submission Grappling. Rodrigo Pinheiro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy offers a great opportunity for students to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, improve their ground game, and get quality training from one of the finest BJJ instructors in the United States. At Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ, you are sure to become the best fighter you can be. Our school is located at the Ridge off of 1604 & Lockhill Selma. (4585 W Loop 1604 San Antonio, TX 78249) Phone: 210.404.9955 Email: rodrigopinheirobjj@yahoo.com

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