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Dynamic Pull-ups for Grappling

By: Josh Bryant MS, Adam benShea MA

The far majority of grappling techniques are implemented by gripping and pulling.  So, when you are devising a workout plan to improve your grappling skills you want exercises that mimic these movements.

With this in mind, turn your attention to pull-ups!

To perform a pull-up, you grip the bar and pull yourself up.  Moreover, the weight you’re lifting is your own.  This is important because in every form of competitive combat you must be able to effectively move your bodyweight.

Even the most basic pull-up variation will benefit your grappling.  For this reason, most successful MMA/Grappling strength and conditioning programs include pull-ups as a crucial part of the workout routine.  However, to best mimic grappling movements, two training elements should be added to your pull-ups: dynamic grips and explosive movement.

Your grip must be dynamic when transitioning between pummeling and a body lock or a kimura and an armbar.  Having the ability to smoothly progress from one grappling grip to another is not something that occurs without repetitive training.  While this can be done through drilling your martial techniques, you can also train this movement will increasing your strength and conditioning.

In addition, when you shoot a takedown or attempt a submission, you do so explosively.  Dynamic techniques can be achieved through extensive practice of your developing skills, but this can also be done through combat functional training.

As a means to better mimic grappling techniques, here is an example of pull-ups with changing grips variations and an explosive element.   (Video embedded below)

Adam benShea is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Ricardo “Frajinha” Miller (Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Adam has won the World, Pan American, and California State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and holds an MA from Indiana University. Check out his website myhomeworkouts.com for more workout ideas:. Adam is the Joshstrength.com Grappling/MMA Advisor.

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