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Europa Super Show 2011 in Dallas This Saturday; Ten Top Matches of the Year So Far from F2W/WGC Events

DALLAS, TX, August 11, 2011 – It’s that time again for another weekend of grappling and excitement as F2W / WGC head into town to bring the Europa Super Show 2011 to the Dallas Convention Center! Set to feature over 650 competitors on sixteen mats of action, this extravaganza is shaping up to be one of, if not the largest tournament to hit Texas so far this far year.

We spoke to several Texas grapplers preparing to compete at Europa and it looks like everyone is preparing for their time on the mat in many different ways. Some are drilling and rolling relentlessly while others are trying to acquire new skills or tighten down tried and true moves. There’s even a rare few out there currently eating nothing but twigs and berries in preparation for tomorrow’s weigh-ins.

No matter how they’re preparing, one thing is for certain – everyone’s ready for Saturday to get here so they can get out there and try to win! In preparation for another great day of grappling at Europa 2011, here’s ten of the top matches of the year so far from F2W / WGC tournaments that we filled.

Note: The matches below are an entirety subjective list but there’s a ton more where that came from. To watch over 500 matches and counting from all around the Texas grappling scene, please visit the Texas Grappling Channel on YouTube.


Match 1 – Tony Tipton vs Jason Soliz in the Gi (TX State Championships 2011)

Match 2 – Carlos Diego Ferreira vs. Pete Runez (Austin Open 2011)

Match 3 – Jorge “Macaco” Patino vs. Albert Hughes (TX State Championships 2011)

Match 4 – Robert Yamashita vs. Seth Daniels (Tournament of Champions VII)

Match 5 – Darren Willingham vs. Levi Mowles (2011 Austin Open)

Match 6 – Armando Servin vs. Conor Hogan (Tournament of Champions VII)

Match 7 – Darren Branch vs. Jason Sampson (2011 Austin Open)

Match 8 – Roger Narvaez vs Bruce McGraw (TX State Championships 2011)

Match 9 – Hayward Charles vs. Robert Yamashita (Tournament of Champions VII)

Match 10 – Carlos Diego Ferreira vs. Tony Tipton (TX State Championship 2011)

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