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Event Preview: Chasing MMA Dreams in South Texas

By TXMMA Staff


Fighters going for broke to win training stipend prize at ‘The Best of the Best’  this Saturday in Harlingen


Fight2-smallHARLINGEN, TX, January 29, 2013 – At the forefront it seems almost too good to be true, a $50,000 tournament of sorts on the regional MMA level and a chance for a fighter at this level to win a contract for that amount in order to chase their dreams but that’s exactly the premise J & C Productions is billing their upcoming event behind. Set for this Saturday, February 1st at White Wings Stadium in Harlingen, ‘The Best of the Best’ is promising three $50,000 contracts to the winner of their three headlining matches.

The lineup is pretty impressive. 2013 TXMMA Awards Rookie of the Year runner-up Ryan Spann (ATT Beaumont, 4-0) headlines opposite New Mexico native Randy McCarty (2-2) in the main event while Spann’s more experienced teammate Cody Williams (7-4) continues his own climb back up the ranks when he tests himself against South Texas vet David Fuentes (8-9). Brett Ewing and Jamall Emmers also rematch following a controversial ending in their first match, a TKO loss for Ewing which he contested was directly due to strikes to the back of the head. In short, with Cody’s comeback, Ryan’s continued ascent and Ewing’s chance at retribution there’s lots of storylines to follow behind this one but perhaps none bigger than the whole $50,000 contract billing.

‘When you tell a fighter he will be given $2,500 a month to help him train, it is to his mind, too good to be true,”  said organizer/promoter Jeff Bonugli in an article on the TexasFighting.com blog. He went on to explain that the $50,000 is in fact a $2,500 per month stipend to go toward full-time training with the ongoing payouts contingent on the fighter continuing to win in the organization or else the contract could be terminated. So therein lies the rub… it’s by no means a $50K check to the winners but either way it’s worth fighting for nonetheless considering your typical payouts for fighting on smaller shows.

Stay tuned for results here on TXMMA.com.

Check out the full card for ‘The Best of the Best’ set for this Saturday night in Harlingen below.


The Best of the Best – Updated Fight Card for Harlingen, TX

  • 170 lbs.: Ryan Spann (4-0) vs, Randy McCarty (2-2) * TITLE
  • 145 lbs.: Cody Williams (7-4) vs. David Fuentes (8-9) * TITLE
  • 155 lbs.: Brett Ewing (4-1) vs. Jamall Emmers (4-5) * TITLE
  • 145 lbs.: Booker Arthur (3-3) vs. Luis Vega (9-4)
  • 145 lbs.: Jose Flores (1-0) vs. Justin Salinas (1-1)
  • 145 lbs.: David Salazar (1-4) vs. Sam Guardiola (1-1)
  • 265 lbs.: Michael Rosenberg (0-5) vs. joshua strodtbeck (0-0)
  • 215 lbs.: Freddy Ramos vs. Edward Wittern (0-0)
  • 145 lbs.: Joel Scott (0-1) vs. Miguel Saenz (1-2)