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F2W/WGC’s 2012 Summer Classic – Recap, Photo Gallery, and Match Videos; Europa Torque Tour up next

HOUSTON, TX, June 20, 2012Fight to Win and World Grappling Circuit held their latest Houston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament this past Saturday, June 16th with the 2012 Summer Classic at the Legends Sports Complex.

470 competitors in total showed up from around the state for a day of competitive GI and No-GI submission grappling.

Winning first place in the team standings was Gracie Barra.

Led by team BJJ absolute winner Andy Cordova, blue belt absolute winner Chad Hollan, Luis Vega, Chad Martin, and many others, the Gracie Barra team was able to amass 126 total points to take the team championship for the day.

Following Gracie Barra up in team standings were BJJ Revolution in 2nd place with 125 points and Solis Martial Arts not far behind with 119 total points on the day. The top five was filled out with Elite MMA coming in 4th place with 56 points and Paragon Texas with 43 points of their own.

As far as individual performances go, there were plenty of impressive matches on the day, such as Robert Yamashita’s close duel with Dondi Morgan in the No-GI advanced 185-204.9 division. Jason Soliz, Ralph Sebexen, Shawn Key, and Mike Perez also had a nice run going in the 155-169.9 division at No-GI.

Over on the Gi BJJ side, Robert Yamashita once again took gold in his weight class in the brown/black belt division while Gustavio Carpio and Jason Soliz did the same for their own weight classes. At purple belt, Jonathan Naranjo, Eugene Gutierrez, and Raul Cepeda were the big winners on the day.

Action in the absolute divisions was heated as well.

Veronica Mota and Mary Rossignot were able to take the women’s side in GI and No-GI respectively while Andy Cordova and Josh Altum did the same in the teen brackets. Meanwhile on the adult male side, Jason Soliz was able to take the No-GI Absolute while Gold Team’s Raul Jimenez was able to take things on the brown/black belt side. Also of note was Pedro Migliano of Rilion Gracie Academy winning the purple belt absolute class in his first tournament as a purple belt after getting promoted to the rank just last week.

Here video of some of the best matches of the day courtesy of the Texas Grappling Channel.

Full tournament results for all divisions can be found on fighttowin.com.

With this tournament now concluded, F2W/WGC’s Brett Boyce and Seth Daniels now turn their attention to what will surely be one of the more massive tournaments in Texas this year at the Dallas Convention Center on August 18th for the 2012 Europa Torque Tour.

That tournament was attended by over 1,000 competitors last year (TXMMA tournament recap here) and with over $10,000 in cash prizes to all divisions from white to black, Texas BJJ’ers can expect this one to be even bigger.

We now take you away with a slideshow from the complete 2012 Summer Classic photo gallery. As usual, you can find all these shots in our TXMMA Facebook Photo Albums as well to tag and share so make sure to ‘like’ our page and follow along with the Texas BJJ and Sub Grappling Scene.