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The most memorable highlight moments from Cage Combat 21

By TXMMA Staff // Photos: Hosanna Rull


Morgan Oriahi, Leroy Vasquez win  title fights; Heffernan and Vera put up FOTN


HUMBLE, TX – With 15 fights in all including 2 title fights, Cage Combat 21 was a night to remember for a lot of people. Jake Heffernan and Steven Vera will always remember it for their bout that earned FOTN honors in many peoples’ eyes. Leroy Vasquez will remember his third title win in a row at the ripe young age of 42 years old. And Morgan Oriahi will remember the stiff test from Craig Grove en route to his own title win.

There’s lessons to be learned and confidence to be gained following this event as well. While the aforementioned fighters did great, they’ll come away with some lessons to improve their game just like all the other combatants. Losing fighters like Grove can yet step away with their head up high knowing they can compete at a high level so long as they keep improving. Vera, Nicholas Gay, Dequette Reed and the rest of the amateur MMA’ers on this card can say the same thing – win or lose. That’s what it’s all about at this level anyways.

Check out the complete Cage Combat 21 results below and continue on to some of the favorite highlight photos from the event.

You can find the whole gallery of 700+ images from Cage Combat 21 courtesy of Hosanna Rull and Mike Calimbas available for print and download order here.


Cage Combat 21 – Quick Results from September 5, 2015


  • Morgan Oriahi def. Craig Grove by unanimous decision * 170 TITLE
  • Leroy Vasquez def. Jonathan Bacon by unanimous decision * 155 TITLE
  • Jake Heffernan def. Steven Vera by unanimous decision
  • Aaron Vickers def. Luis Ibarra by TKO (injury), RD2
  • Ryan Connelly def. Steven Jones by submission (RNC), RD2
  • Melvin Giron def. Tim Cormier by submission (guillotine), RD1
  • Alonzo Sanchez def. Nicholas Gay by submission (RNC), RD2
  • Alejandra Zuniga def. Cameron Bodrey by TKO, RD3
  • Derrick Ageday def. Santiago Guzman by unanimous decision
  • James White def. Dequette Reed by Split Decision
  • EJ Turner def. Brian Murphy by TKO, RD2
  • Christopher Haire def. Christopher Perez by unanimous decision
  • Cody Owens def. Taylor Shoffit by KO, RD1
  • Michael Rodriguez def. Ricky Kieng by unanimous decision
  • Mckenzie McCune def. Leicester Rivera by submission (RNC), RD1


Cage Combat 21 – Photo Highlights

Below are some of our favorite highlight photos from this event.

See the complete event Cage Combat 21 photo gallery by Hosanna Rull available for print and download order now via mikecalimbas.com.

CC21 (1)

Cody Owens get his hands wrapped in preparation for his bout.

CC21 (34)

Morgan Oriahi claims his championship belt.

CC21 (33)

Tough victories are good victories.

CC21 (32)

Sarah and Brittany.

CC21 (31)

It can get a little hairy in guard sometimes.

CC21 (30)

High kick attempt straight out of the dark side.

CC21 (29)

Right hook coming.

CC21 (28)

Leroy Vasquez and Jonathan Bacon trade blows.

CC21 (27)

Setting up for the submission.

CC21 (26)

Recent Legacy FC winner Alex Morono coaches intently.

CC21 (25)

Hand fight for the RNC.

CC21 (24)

Triangle armbar attempt.

CC21 (23)

Straight right.

CC21 (22)

That victorious feeling.

CC21 (21)

Overhand right finds its mark.

CC21 (20)

Got one.

CC21 (19)

A debut win.

CC21 (18)

CC21 (17)

CC21 (16)

CC21 (15)

Sarah Pressler doing her thing.

CC21 (14)

CC21 (13)

CC21 (12)

Grappling for the takedown against the cage.

CC21 (11)

Representing the lone star state with a knockout.

CC21 (10)

MMA’s version of the walk off homer.

CC21 (9)

Move or get hit.

CC21 (8)

Going for the finish.

CC21 (7)

Decisions were made here.

CC21 (6)

CC21 (5)

Young amateurs gaining valuable experience.

CC21 (4)

Paradigm’s Leroy Vasquez calm before his title fight.

CC21 (3)

“Lionheart” Luke Crawford shares a tender moment with his lioness.

CC21 (2)

Go time.