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Fighter Diary – Sabrina Garcia Prepares for XKO 19

By Sabrina Garcia, Fighter | Photo by Shama Ko


A motivated Sabrina Garcia is ready for her pro debut; Faces fellow Women’s MMA prospect Jade De Haas at XKO 19


My name is Sabrina Garcia. I’m 25 years old and have been training MMA for about 3 years. I’m a blue belt under Albert Hughes and Tony Tipton reppin’ Genesis Jiu-Jitsu. I also work full0time as a pharmacy technician.

I originally got into MMA to lose weight and ended up falling in love with the training. Life outside the sport is pretty simple. I love to crossfit, running in color runs or half marathons. Most of my closest friends are my training partners so we usually relax at the movies or do something that involves training!

I went 3-0 in amateur MMA and 3-1 in amateur Muay Thai. Throughout 2013 I fought both MMA and Thai, basically whatever I could get I took. I have been really focusing on technique and polishing up my skills before I make my pro debut this Saturday… I wanted to be ready when I signed that contract. As far as fighting goes I will take that one day at a time and just keep training. I’m also looking to go back to school and I plan on making that top priority also. Both things are important to me.

It feels good to be debuting near my hometown because I have always fought out of town. I have had a lot of support leading up to this point in my fight career and I’m glad family, friends, and fans will be able to come and watch. I have seen talented fighters debut and make a name for themselves fighting out at XKO so I’m excited.

I’ve been preparing for this fight and changed my whole camp around to get ready. I am working with Tony Cabello out of Reyes Boxing Club to crisp up my striking and have incorporated Crossfit into my routine for strength & conditioning. I’m confident that by adding that to my camp has made me a better efficient fighter.

I don’t know much about my opponent (Jade De Haas) other than she’s tough and has quite a bit of amateur experience also. I think the fans can expect an exciting fight. From what I have read we are both making our “much anticipated pro debuts” so I’m ready to push the pace. I’m looking to display all the hard work leading up to this point and I believe in my heart I will have my hand raised. It’s going to be an awesome fight!

I just want to say thanks to all my gyms and trainers as well as training partners. Burt and Skyler at TFS. Albert, Tony T, and Jorge at Genesis. Tony Cabello at Reyes Boxing, James and Jen Martinez at Crossfit Success. To all my awesome sponsors: AudioTex, Assure Air, Jerry Browne LMT, VIP Mouthguards, AndyTattoo.com, Genesis Zombie Krew, and Crossfit Success. Special thanks to manager Jon Lara for putting up with me  Last but not least HUGE thanks to everyone that has believed in and supported me this far.