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For Lindsey Marino, sketchy situation mars WCK championship fight result

By TXMMA Staff // Emil Fischer


Weigh-in issues and other drama spill into Muay Thai title fight


AUSTIN, TX – In the world of combat sports, the drama of making weight can sometimes overshadow even the most exciting matchups.  On December 4th, Lindsey Marino was scheduled to face Brazilian MMA vet, Zoila Frausto, at a WCK Full Rules Muay Thai event, but this fight was overshadowed by drama involving issues with the weigh ins.  TXMMA had a chance to sit down with Lindsey and to get her side of the events in question.

Marino’s intentions with this fight were simple. “It wasn’t something that I had set out wanting to do per say. It was an opportunity that was presented to me via WCK. I am not sure exactly how they decided who would fight who and for what title… I would consider her a desirable opponent based on her previous experience. She seemed like a strong opponent and a good way to test my skills and abilities I was looking forward to the whole event with the opportunity to fight for a title at a professional level.”

The issue arose when Zoila was unable to come to the weigh-ins “We were all waiting at the weigh-ins for her and her camp to check in. About 30-45 minutes after the check in time Denis, WCK promoter, came up to me and Crystal Parrish and told us that this news would affect us both. He said that Stephanie, her sister, was put in the hospital with a serious issue which wasn’t disclosed at the time. And because Zoila and her sister are so close, Zoila stayed behind to be with her sister at the hospital, and that she wasn’t going to make it to weigh ins that night (Crystal was of course supposed to fight her sister.)”

Things happen in combat sports, but apparently this issue was becoming a pattern “I was obviously upset because this was technically the second time this had happened. The first was a few months back when we were supposed to fight at Hollywood Park Casino. I wasn’t notified until I was picked up at the airport that Zoila had “gotten hurt” and wouldn’t be fighting which was also scheduled for a title fight. So, with this being the second time of some weirdness, I was frustrated. So, Denis continues to say that maybe Zoila would still fight and that she wouldn’t be eligible for the title since she didn’t weigh in but I would because I met the requirements. He casually noted that he would “throw in another title” through the IKF. I’m sorry but who just throws in a title? As if it is supposed to be a lovely parting gift. Sort of diluted the honor to me… I mention the earlier fight situation because it seemed a little weird then too.  People seemed to know weeks before I did that she wouldn’t be fighting the first time.”

To make matters worse the weigh-ins were in a sense corrupted by Zoila’s absence “Denis came into Nick’s room to discuss the situation and what to do about it. Kirian called my coach to ask us if we could let this slide and go ahead with the fight and if we would take a video of her weighing in because it was thrown out as an idea amongst the scramble of the bad news at weigh-ins. At first I didn’t want to accept that because things seemed shady. For instance, an hour after the weigh in incident they were posting pictures of her on a scale saying that she made weight on Facebook. Not to mention the Instagram image of her sister seeming to know she wasn’t fight a week out. Between talking to Kirian and to Denis, I began to see that if I wanted to fight that I would have to accept the video weigh in which was done by Zoila in her bathroom by herself. If I made her weigh in Kirian said that it probably wouldn’t happen and that they wouldn’t end up fighting. Denis in a round-about way said that if I didn’t fight he could potentially lose 4 fights total, one being her sister, 2 being me and the 2 others of Kirian’s group he was afraid may not come if she didn’t.  Kirian didn’t want to keep her dehydrated until the next day so she could show up to weigh-ins and he also couldn’t give a time that she would make it to weigh in…  So finally, I gave up in a way because damn it I came to fight and to fight Zoila! So, I said screw it, let’s take the video weigh because I was going to fight. Which by the way, you couldn’t even see the numbers on the scale the video was so bad.”

To further mar the incident for Lindsey, she lost by decision to Zoila.  Moving forward she would like a rematch “I think she would be down for it, I don’t know if it is something she would want to do but I could see her doing it if the opportunity came up.”  More importantly to Lindsey, she feels even better prepared now “It would be much easier now… I would definitely anticipate getting a KO/TKO.”  Lindsey, however, doesn’t want to share too much of her strategy “I am a little hesitant to tell what I noticed. But I would certainly pressure more than I did and go harder sooner.”

As for Lindsey, she wants to continue progressing in the world of Muay Thai “Opportunities always come to me because my fights are always good and entertaining at least that is what I have been told!  But, thinking about it, continuing to fight more experienced fighters so that I can keep testing my game and abilities as well as improving. Lion Fight Promotions would be nice!”

In closing, Lindsey wanted to share these thoughts with TXMMA readers “I don’t want to come off as sounding cocky or like a bad sport. I don’t want to make a stink about what happened but I also don’t want to devalue what I went through. I was really looking forward to this moment in my life. I thought it was going to mean something. Every time I fight it is like a spiritual adventure for me. I am a very analytical person and take meaning from every detail. Every time I train and step into that ring I put all of myself out there to for others to view Of course it means way more to me but fighting for me touches deep parts of myself that I want to change and grow from. One lesson I learned about this fight is that even though I didn’t win the “title” I won a part of myself that I had been fighting. It happens every time a different part is conquered and for that I could never loose. I felt very proud of how I preformed and stood up to a much more experience fighter and proved to myself that I am just as good if not better. Of course I want to thank Nick who helps me improve mentally and physically and the guys who stepped up to corner me. It was Enn Janthakhun who I used to train with at Fairtex! And Malaipet Sasiprapa! And I can’t leave out my old trainer Anh Fairtex. Without him getting me into Muay Thai and my first fights out in Cali, I would not be here today. My fans, that help keep me motivated and going and you, for taking the time to do this!”