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Fort Hood’s Luis Carter motivated for CE3 – Texas Battlegrounds

By TXMMA Staff // Cover photo – kdhnews.com

20-year veteran doesn’t take kindly to trash-talking; looking to quiet his opponent at CE3


Photo c/o Luis Carter

Photo c/o Luis Carter

FORT HOOD, TX – On December 6th Chasm Elite (CE) returns to the Belly County Expo Center for another round of amateur MMA action. Dubbed CE3 – Texas Battlegrounds, this upcoming event will once again be heavy in featuring fighters from Central Texas and surrounding areas. Naturally that includes several fighters training out of the Fort Hood Fight Team, all active duty ARMY soldiers who train MMA to both stay in battle-ready shape and test themselves against top athletic competition.

One such fighter is Luis “The Great Dane” Carter.  A 36 year old New York City native, Mr. Carter has spent almost 20 years in the army with much of that time spent in Fort Hood. “At this point I’d say I represent a little bit of both,” when asked where his regional loyalty lies. Like many who live in Texas, he wasn’t born here but it’s a state he sure has developed a loyalty too. After 20 years of service to his country and all this time spent in Fort Hood that loyalty is a big deal for him. Naturally it goes without saying that he feels the same way about his family and team.

“I’m a mild-mannered family man.  I love my 3 daughters, Sydney (13), Kendall (8), and Gabriella (6).  I have a tattoo of their zodiac signs on my left ribcage. I try to stay really humble and consider myself kinda like the guy next door, just a lot older and not as good looking.”

“I represent the best gym in the central Texas area, the FORT HOOD FIGHT TEAM.  We’re a group of active duty soldiers who teach the ARMY’s hand-to-hand combat program which enhances soldiers’ survivability on the battlefield.  Kicking butt in the cage is what we do after hours for fun. I’ve been training off and on for that past 10+ years.  It wasn’t until the past year that I’ve been training MMA.  I would’ve started fighting a long time ago but I wanted to make sure that I could dedicate the time and effort necessary to be good.  Sometimes you have to take care of your priorities first before you can live out a dream.  My main style is BJJ.  That’s what got me started.  I’m definitely a student of the game and I’m always trying to learn everything I can.”

Naturally a middleweight, Luis Carter will be making the step up to light heavyweight at CE3 – Texas Battlegrounds. He’ll be fighting an opponent by the name of “Rowdy” Randy Ramirez. According to Luis, he expects “Rowdy” to be a bit of a trash talker but outside of one main thing, he’s really not all that concerned.

“I know that our fight will be his second and my fourth.  I’ve studied video of his last fight and it seems as though he’s a wrestler. Not a very good one though. My only concern is that he makes weight.  I’m moving up a weight class just so he doesn’t have an excuse.  I’m not going to underestimate him but at the same time, I’m not going to give him any credit.  He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting and winning against me.  All the pressure is on me because I know I’m the better fighter and I must win.”

“My training camp has been awesome!  The average amateur fighter doesn’t get to train 3x a day.  The average amateur doesn’t get to train 6 days a week.  The average amateur doesn’t have a UFC veteran on their team.  The average amateur doesn’t get to train with American soldiers, who are some of the baddest men on the planet.  IM NOT THE AVERAGE AMATEUR FIGHTER. For this fight in particular, I don’t want to be predictable.  I’ve done something different in each of my last 3 fights and this one will be no different.  He can have access to all my fight videos and will still not know what I will do next.”

“I have no prediction because they can be proven wrong.  I do have a message for ‘Rowdy’ Randy Ramirez.  After our fight, I want you to quit MMA.  It’s not the sport for you.  You talked trash about the wrong person.  My goal is to put you away in the first round.  If you manage to escape the first round, my goal then is to punish you until the very end.  I want you to wake up the next morning thinking you made the worst mistake of your life.  I WILL HURT YOU.”

Fighter Acknowledgements

“Thanks to Enlisted 9 Fight Co who supplied all of my walkout shirts and So Natural Organic Restaurant & Marketplace who supplies my meals and keeps me healthy and my weight on point.  They have both been very good to me during my fight career. I would also like to thank my team, The Fort Hood Fight Team.  They have supported me throughout and helped me prepare for this fight.  My fiancé Lisa whom is my biggest supporter and fan.” – Luis Carter

Luis Carter’s Facebook Page: The Great Dane MMA // IG & Twitter – The Great Dane MMA

Tickets for CE3 – Texas Battlegrounds can be purchased online at http://m.bellcountyexpo.com/default.aspx