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Fury Fighting Championship 13 – Results and Recap

By TXMMA STaff // Tom Roush


Veteran Rey Trujillo stops top prospect Cameron Graves; Nikolay Veretennikov and Artenas Young put on FOTN effort


Thirteen was indeed a very unlucky number for several fighters who ventured in to the octagon at Garcia Promotions’ Fury Fighting Championship 13 contests in Humble on November 4, but it was the lucky charm for others. There were thirteen fights with thirteen winners and thirteen losers on the evening.

In the title bout, Rey Trujillo pulled a rabbit out of a hat to the dismay of Cameron Graves and took home the featherweight belt. In the first round, Graves secured a takedown and both fighters traded well, but in the second, Trujillo landed a series of combos to the head followed by a knee that left Graves on his knees and staring in to space. The ref stopped the fight and handed Trujillo the win by TKO.

Fight of the Night honors goes to Nikolay Veretennikov and Artenas Young who put on a fantastic show for three brutal rounds of 175 lbs. catch weight action. Artenas “The Machine Gun” Young is a skilled fighter on many levels but the aggressive and poised Slav delivered punch after heavy punch to the midsection of Young and after a time, it showed.

Veretennikov tends to take a fixed stance just out of range and then lunge forward with a right hand to the body, a move he executed on Young repeatedly. He is also skilled with the spinning back kick and can deliver a spinning fist with remarkable accuracy. In the end, Veretennikov clenched the victory with by decision.

In the light heavyweight division, the human tank known as Isaac Teran rolled over another contender. This time it was Larry Hopkins’ turn to fall. Teran dominated Hopkins on every level, and eventually secured top mount. After raining down several hand boulders on Hopkins, Teran just looked at the ref and shrugged, and the ref mercifully stopped the fight. Teran by TKO.

Big Juan Adams also showed well in the heavyweight division and secured a 2nd round TKO over Jhun Boniaby. Adams is a cool, stalking fighter who does not rattle or waver, and was eventually able to take top mount on Boniaby and then just sit. A few punches later and the ref stopped the fight. Adams by TKO.

In the straw weight division, Sijin Kurian and Chase Eastham logged a long cobra fight with each securing take downs, chokes and weathering near disasters. Much of the fight was a protracted ground war, with Kurian taking the victory by decision.

The evening’s only split decision was the contest between Zack Hensen and Josh Altum. Altum secured a takedown in every round but Hansen is a skilled striker who fights with his hands very close to the body until time to launch. He defended well against Altum’s clean disciplined strikes and landed a few well-timed punches. Going in to the 3rd round, Altum was clearly looking for the knock out which he did not secure and so the judges gave the contest to Hansen via split decision.


Fury Fighting Championship 13 – Quick Results for November 4, 2016


  • Cameron Graves vs Rey Trujillo – Trujillo by 2nd round TKO
  • Javier Obregon vs Angel Huerta – Huerta by 2nd round TKO
  • Nikolay Veretinnikov vs Artenas Young – Veretinnikov by decision
  • Larry Hopkins vs Isaac Teran – Teran by 1st round TKO
  • Jon Kirk vs RJ Knepp – Kirk by 1st round rear naked choke
  • Craig Grove vs Derrick Ageday – Ageday by TKO
  • Sijin Kurian vs Chase Eastham – Kurian by decision
  • Danny Bennett vs Juan Manuel Sanchez – Sanchez by 2nd round TKO for the light heavy weight belt
  • Amateur Fights
  • Juan Adams vs Jhun Boniaby – Adams by 2nd round TKO
  • Zach Henson vs Josh Altum – Hensen by split decision
  • Darius Gray vs Reshal Malik – Malik by submission
  • Tony Nguyen vs Tim Cormier – Cormier by decision
  • Christopher Miller vs Michael Rodriguez – Miller by decision