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Hayward Charles seeking another big win versus undefeated Russell Brewer at Legacy 13; August 17th at the Europa Expo

DALLAS, TX, August 9, 2012 – Next up in focus for Legacy Fighting Championships 13 (LEGACY 13) is Hayward Charles. Also known as “Hybrid,” this DFW-based fighter began as a pro in April 2011 after only one fight as an amateur, a submission victory win in 0:50.

He’s compiled a 4-4 record as a pro and is coming off the biggest win of his career against Dallas Jawbreaker Roy Spoon at XKO 15 this past June. Only looking to up his level even more, he’ll now be taking on another tough opponent in undefeated Russell Brewer out of Octagon MMA.

After this it’s overseas for Mr. Charles as he plans on taking his next fight in Europe so he’s definitely got a lot riding on this fight scheduled for August 17th at the Europa Get Fit and Sports Expo.

Here as his pre-fight thoughts prior to the bout.


LEGACY 13 Interview – Hayward Charles (Ironside MMA)


Thanks for talking to us Hayward. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you fight live. How does it feel to be fighting for Legacy for the very first time on a national broadcast? What else is going on for you?

I feel honored about being on the Legacy card! It’s my first show that’s being broadcasted on LIVE TV so I’m definitely excited. Things have been lining up perfectly for me! After this I leave on Aug 26th to train and compete in Europe on Sept 22nd.

When’s the last time you fought and how do you about that fight?

I just fought Roy Spoon in June at XKO 15 so I’m coming off that win. I feel he was a pretty respected opponent in the MMA world and I’m just trying to progress for the best. All in all, I think I’m doing a decent job. I value all my wins but I’m actually most excited for what is to come in the future!

Tell us a little bit about your everyday life.

My everyday life consists of primarily being healthy, focused and relaxed! At the end of the day I’m just trying to be the best person I can be – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

<laughs> I’m sure there are multiple things someone could find interesting about me. I do have a dog a little older than 18 years old so that’s one thing.

What about your personal philosophy – what drives you and what do you believe in?

I am motivated to be my best at all times – primarily in my belief of the creator. I believe hard work pays off. I believe MMA is the purest form of sport. I am very competitive sp I don’t see myself doing anything else! This fight here (Legacy 13) is so important for me because I am scheduled to go to Germany after this next fight. I am meeting a close family member for the first time and I am fighting for a big promotion out there as well. I’m not going to mess that up by any means so I’m going to do my best.

What do you think of your matchup with Russell Brewer?

I think the matchup is good for me. My opponent seems very hame to fight. He has had a lot of success in his past fights. His only loss is to Charles Byrd and that was as an amateur by decision. He’s to be respected but I believe I’ll win for sure.

Can you give us any insight on your preparations?

I’ve been doing what I did for my last fight which is basically work my cardio a lot! I’ve been working my striking like a lot also. …While also not neglecting any other martial art fundamentals!

How do you see this fight playing out in your mind?

Honestly I’m only playing out victory in my head. I would love to get a knockout but if the man doesn’t deserve it I’d be happy to just give him a TKO or submission.

Let’s say you had to give some pre-fight words for Mr. Brewer, what would you tell him?

Just to train hard! I don’t want any excuses for any unprofessionalism under any circumstances and maybe we can get a beer afterwards.

Any last words or acknowledgements before August 17th?

I’d like to thank Legacy for getting in contact with me to fight for them! It’s a pleasure. I want to thank my gym Ironside MMA and the gyms who’ve also helped me along the way… I appreciate it greatly! Genesis Jiujitsu, Phalanx, Pesadelo, Core, Metroflex FW & Peak Performance… I’d like to thank Born to Bang and Execution hooking me up with MMA gear. Also shoutouts to “UFFL MMA” He has a big cause.. And also helps me in advertising myself… Also thank you to all my family, friends, fans, and of course TXMMA. HalaluYAHUAH!!!