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Highly-Anticipated Rematch at Cage Combat 5 – 4OZ’s Joe Trevino Shares Thoughts on Second Title Fight with Silverback’s Jacob Silva

Joe Trevino vs. Jacob Silva I - February 18, 2011

HOUSTON, TX, August 18, 2011 – On Friday, September 2nd, Garcia Promotions returns to the Houston MMA landscape with their latest event at the Humble Civic Center, entitled Cage Combat 5. Currently set to feature fourteen fights total including two title fights, this event has been highly anticipated throughout the thriving Houston MMA fight community.

One of the main reasons for this buzz is a co-main event of the evening pitting 4OZ Fight Club’s Joe Trevino against Silverback Fight Club’s Jacob Silva for the GP bantamweight title.

As defending champion, “Little Animal” (Silva) enters this bout known for his tenacity and the non-stop relentless fighting style he displayed in winning the title against another animal in Manny Lozoya at the last Cage Combat event this past July. Dominant in that fight, Silva proved in only his third cage appearance that he has what it takes to be called a champion. Oddly enough though, in his first title defense, Silva will be the one with something to prove.

A champion in his own right, Joe Trevino earned his own distinction this past February at the Legacy Amateur Series by beating non-other than his upcoming opponent Jacob Silva. That night, the two engaged in an absolute back-and-forth battle for five rounds of action that culminated in a split decision win that gave Trevino the coveted belt. In the end it was Joe Trevino’s experience and grappling edge that allowed him to secure both position and that belt – much to the exasperation of some of the fans in the stands.

Fast forward six months and we now get to see it all again, minus the extracurricular activities. This time, the attention should be fully focused in the cage as the two men stand across from each other as equals, with each carrying the title of champion and looking for final restitution in the form of a definitive win this time around.

With the story set to reach its boiling point in just a few weeks time in Humble, we speak to challenger Joe Trevino to get his thoughts on his first fight with Silva, what he’s been up to since then, and how he feels about this co-main event rematch that should settle the score between the two. Enjoy.

Joe, you’re set to fight for your second amateur title this year against Jacob Silva at Cage Combat 5. Before we talk about that fight, let’s talk about life in general. How have things been going?

Things have been going really good man, just trying to stay busy. I’ve taken some time off (from MMA and work) and have gotten to travel a little bit with my wife. We went to Las Vegas and Miami. Just trying to stay out of this crazy heat in Houston!

What else has been going on in your life?

Well believe it or not, I’ve hit my 13-year anniversary with my wife Clarissa. With her and two great kids, the family keeps me really busy. Also, I’ve started back to school looking for a career change so no more commercial diving for me. So right now I’m just staying focused on getting school done and moving onto my new career.

How do you find time to balance all those priorities and train for a title fight as well? Does your family have an opinion of your fight career either way?

Well my wife and kids are fully supportive in me doing the MMA thing. It does take a lot of time away from the family, but I find that it is my balance too. That’s why I first started. Coming out the Marine Corps, I had a difficult time adjusting (to everyday life) but this calms my nerves. And I’ve found a whole new family at 4OZ. that I didn’t have before. We’ll kick each other’s teeth in and then go hang out afterwards. It’s a great thing.

What’s your overall record now and what’s your proudest accomplishment so far in this sport? What about your biggest challenge?

Well I’m 3-1 as of now and my proudest moment is winning my belt for Legacy while my biggest challenge was coming back from my loss to Matt Schnell in Louisiana. …but all you can do is come back and try to get better.

How does the training environment at 40Z help you accomplish your goals as far as improving? What’s the hardest thing about training there?

The environment at our gym is great. No one walks around with a big head and thinks they are the best. Given that we have some very accomplished fighters at the gym, there is always someone willing to work with me to improve my skills. Everything is hard about training there, but I love it and would never change it.

What do you feel are your greatest strengths as a fighter right now and what are you working on to get even better?

My strength is definitely the ground game but you can’t help get better on your stand up if you are working with Kru Perez and our teammates.

Moving on to CC5, you’ll be fighting Jacob Silva for the second time after your last fight this past February. Talk about that fight for a moment.

Unfortunately that fight was overshadowed by the events afterwards. For the fight itself, I thought it was a good one but I didn’t feel like it was my best performance. I guess a W is a W!

Why fight Jacob Silva again?

Well no matter what anyone says, I’ve never refused a rematch with him. I was gonna fight Manny in the last Cage Combat but i didn’t due to my school schedule so I was given the winner of that fight instead. It just happens to be Jacob and that’s cool with me.

How do you feel you guys match up now compared to back in February? Is there anything specific you or he has to be wary of most when it comes to this fight?

Well the biggest difference is that he has a couple more fights under his belt now. I’m sure he’s hungry for this rematch but you better believe I’m just as hungry though. I just train as hard as I can and as long as i leave it all in there, I’ll be happy. There’s always a punchers chance and anyone can get caught slippin’ on the ground. But that goes both ways.

How do you plan on winning this fight and beating Jacob a second time?

Train hard fight easy!

Any last words for your opponent?

I’m not one to talk mess. I let my talking be done in the cage.

What’s next for you after this? Any plans to go pro?

I take it fight-to-fight. I think if you start looking past people you’ll lose focus on the task at hand. As far as going pro, that’ll be up to my coaches and teammates.

Any last words Joe?

I want to thank my number-one sponsors, my wife & family, for being so supportive. Thanks to my 4OZ family for believing in me and giving me the confidence to step in that cage. Also thanks to Mr. Brett Boyce and the Made to Win crew for the support along with Eric Garcia and Mick Maynard for letting me fight for them. Lastly, big shout out to TXMMA and TCD for putting Houston MMA on the map!

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