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Houston-based IMKF announces ‘Tournament of Immortality’ Grand Prix; $30,000 up for grabs to the winner

HOUSTON, TX, June 20, 2012 – Fresh off the IMKFight 3 event held last weekend in North Houston (recap here), Jake Latimer and Immortal Kombat Fighting have been busy putting the finishing touches on their event plan for the rest of 212 and onwards.

The next four IMKF events will be centered on a tournament grand prix featuring the welterweight and light heavyweight divisions, labeled as “Tournament of Immortality.”

The plan is to offer up a winner-takes-all $15,000 cash prize to the winner of each of the two divisions within this grand prix along with a championship belt to each – crowning the first welterweight and light heavyweight champion for the organization.

The selection process is already underway to determine the 32 participants (16 in each weight division) for the upcoming tournament.

See the press release below for additional details on the tournament and how fighters can submit themselves for consideration.


Tournament of Immortality Press release:

Tournament of Immortality will be the beginning of a 4 part saga tournament which just so happens to kick off October 20, 2012 for IMKF-IV.  We are running this tournament in hopes of discovering the best Welterweight and Light Heavyweight, arguably in the state of Texas.  As alluded before, this tournament will begin on October 20, 2012 with 16 Welterweights chosen for entry and 16 Light Heavyweights chosen for entry.  Round One will commence that night.  Round Two will commence sometime in January (to allow fighters to enjoy in the holiday festivities with their loved ones).  Round three will transpire in March for the Semi-Finals.  The Championship bouts will go down in May and a new 170 and 205 Champion will be crowned, along with $15,000 purse for each respective division.

Anyone interested, we ask that you post a 60 second video as to why we should select you.  Tell us your background, your fighting history, perhaps a highlight or two.  Whatever you feel will help our panel of judges decide who is given an opportunity.  Once you have the video shot, post it on our IMKFight Facebook fan page.  Time is of the essence so all videos and bios need to be submitted by July 15th.  In addition, all of your medicals/licenses need to be in or you will NOT be selected.  Each fighter will have behind the scene footage shot, leading up to the fights and on exhibit for the audience/fan base to view.

We chose these weights because we feel like it allows for those that are both below and above these respective weight classes to either cut or gain 15lbs or less, thus allowing them the opportunity to compete.  We want this tournament as an all or nothing!!!  Come strong or don’t come at all!!!  How confident are you in your skills?  Are you the best or are you just pretend.  The true put up or shut up, mentality will be on display.  Also, we feel that by doing these two weight classes, we will both directly and indirectly bring forward the best of the best.  In fact, we don’t question that at all.  The only question worth noting is…who exactly is the best???

*All events will be held at The Edge Sports Complex in The Woodlands.  This venue is the home of IMKF and we feel that it embodies everything we are about.