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IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships Recap, Results, and Texas Photo Gallery

Luis Rubalcava after winning division gold

IRVINE, California, April 2, 2012 – Another weekend of world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) competition has now ended with the conclusion of the 2012 IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships at the Bren Events Center in sunny Irvine, California. There were many highlight moments throughout the weekend – like Rafa Medes’ thrilling armbar over Cobrinha, who fought the submission to the very end on the final day. Or Buchecha’s thrilling fight with Kron Gracie in Saturday’s open, when he came from behind to secure victory with an awesome leg lock. Even Texas got in the action as far as highlight moments went – with Justin Rebolloso’s final match against his opponent a head taller proving to be a true test indeed on the way to Pan gold.

Speaking of Texans, we are happy to bring back report that we (Texas) represented the Lone Star State very well out here on the global stage of BJJ competition and couldn’t be prouder of how hard Texas BJJ fought against all comers – including each other (e.g. Rubalcava vs. Jimenez, Kristin Sommer vs. Lana Hunter, etc.) in addition to some of the very best grapplers in the world! It was also awesome to see the displays of camaraderie off the mats as well, with guys from other teams doing their part to help coach their fellow Texans along at times despite the fact that they don’t usually share the same banner. All in all it was a very impressive showing by everyone. It would be impossible for us to name all the medalists without full results in hand but here are a few that caught our eye as we ran around the mats (please comment or send us a message on FB with who we missed so we can add it to this list):


Ashley Westfall picking up the armbar submission


Gold Medalists – Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao), Steven Hall (Alliance – Steven Hall), Luis Rubalcava (double gold), Kristin Sommer, Daniel Alvarez (NU – Alvarez BJJ), Justin Rebolloso (NU – Alvarez BJJ), Andy Cordova (Gracie Barra Texas), Ugo Arimo (Solis Martial Arts), Brian Lewis (Alliance – Steven Hall), Pete Muhlenhaupt (Alliance – Steven Hall).

Silver Medalists – Fabiana Borges (Gracie Barra Austin), Raul Jimenez (Gold Team / Team Gaucho), Lana Hunter (Carlson Gracie Texas), Jesus Lemus (Elite MMA), Travis Tooke (Team Tooke), Edwin Lipsey (NU – Team Trinity), Carlos Rosario – open class (BJJ Revolution – Jeff Messina).

Bronze Medalists – Pedro Migliano (Gracie Elite), Edwin Lipsey (open class), Brian Lewis (Alliance – Steven Hall), Ronald Green (Alliance – Steven Hall), Violet Reyes (Alliance – Steven Hall), Brandon Stafford (Alliance – Steven Hall), Danielle Alvarez (NU – Alvarez BJJ), Vin Abadie (NU – Alvarez BJJ), Carlos Rosario (BJJ Revolution – Jeff Messina) , Veronica Mota (BJJ Revolution – Jeff Messina), Shawn Panzer (Team Redding), Davis Wade Smith (Lubbock, TX), Scott Paille (NDBJJ NU), Joseph D. Shelley (NDBJJ / NU), Olympia Watts (Gracie Barra), Kelly Rundle (Alliance – Team Mohler).


Here are the full results for the premier (black belt divisions) as well.


Men’s Divisions

Absolute – Antonio Carlos defeats Marcus Buchecha
Galo – Roosterweight – Caio Terra defeats Rafael Freitas
Pluma – Light Featherweight – Bruno Malfacine defeats Gui Mendes
Pena – Featherweight – Rafa Mendes defeats Reubens Charles Cobrinha
Leve – Lightweight – Leandro Lo defeats Lucas Lepri
Medio – Middleweight – Claudio Calasans defeats Victor Estima
Meio-Pesado – Medium Heavyweight – Kayron Gracie defeats Vitor Toledo
Pesado – Heavyweight – Lucas Leite defeats Yuri Simones
Super Pesado – Super Heavyweight – Bernardo Faria defeats Antonio Carlos
Pesadissimo – Ultra Heavyweight – Marcus Buchecha defeats Alexander Trans


Women’s Black Belt Divisions

Absolute – Gabi Garcia defeats Luanna Alzuguir
Light Featherweight – Sofia Amarante defeats Claudio Kvenbo
Pena – Featherweight – Bruna Rebeiro defeats Melissa Haueter
Leve – Lightweight – Bea Mesquita defeats Fabiana Borges
Medio – Middleweight – Luanna Alzuguir defeats Vanessa Oliveira
Meio-Pesado – Medium Heavyweight – Hannette Staack defeats Valerie Worthington
Pesado – Heavyweight – Gabi Garcia defeats Emily Wetzel


2012 IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships Photo Gallery


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