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Introducing Hayward “The Hybrid” Charles; Set to Make XKO/MMA Debut Against J.J. Holmes on April 9th!

March 21, 2011 – Set to fight at XKO 10 on April 9th, our next interviewee Hayward Charles faces perhaps the biggest test of his young MMA career as he takes on all-world grappler J.J. Holmes in a bout that could determine his near future in the sport.

A lifelong martial artist, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt Charles is quite the grappler in his own right, winning medals at competitions as NAGA, Grappler’s Quest, Fight to Win’s Tournament of Champions VII, and many others.

Now looking to make a statement in his Mixed Martial Arts professional debut by defeating the highly-touted J.J. Holmes, “The Hybrid” goes into this upcoming XKO bout full of faith and confidence as he looks to make an immediate impact in the sport en route to even bigger things.

Thanks for taking the interview while preparing for your pro debut Mr. Charles. Before we get to the fight, tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

No problem, thank you SIR for the interview…..and to the readers. I am Hayward “THE HYBRID” Charles. I am looking to make a huge impact in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

How long have you been training? Can you give us some of your history?

I began training by the age of 7 in Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics. Once I turned 17, I became interested in making cage fighting a career, so I began training in BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wrestling. I started trying to train at as many places as possible. I have been blessed to come across some legit places who were all willing to work with me.

Other than training, what other sports/hobbies are you into?

I am a play station fan! I play E.A. MMA, Black OPs, and definitely MX unleashed. I used to race motocross back in the days, but now it is strictly MMA training.

I’ve seen you at a lot of grappling tourneys recently. What are you more passionate about, MMA or BJJ?

Honestly, I like BJJ a lot! It’s the newest martial art that I have been around lately. Probably the most beneficial in helping me stay at a lower weight, and it’s good because my opponent is more than likely want to go to the ground. Since I’ve been striking longer, I can’t forget my roots. The pure mixture of martial arts does not beat BJJ. I am more passionate about MMA.

Why decide to make the move into MMA?

My mom kept all my drawings since I was kindergarten……The drawings were 99% Ninja’s…The blood of a fighter has always been in me! I never played “team sports”. I always preferred to be fighting with my natural born weapons.

What are your overall plans for an MMA career? What about BJJ?

My overall plan for my MMA career is to be a U.F.C. champion. I want to be up there with the best. As for BJJ, I want to take it all the way….Multi time World Champion, Multi time Pan Am Champion…..YAHUAH willing.

You’re making your pro debut against JJ Holmes, who recently won at the ADCC qualifiers and is a very distinguished grappler in his own right. Why take such a tough fight your first time out?

I train like all of my fights will be tough. JJ is a very distinguished grappler indeed! That’s the main reason I want to fight him in particular. Bigger names help me get more recognition. I’m definitely trying to come up in the sport of MMA……I’ve been under the radar…..

How do you plan on beating JJ Holmes?

I am going to play it smart……. I have a few “classified” things I have been working in to multiple game plans.

What’s next after this fight?

I’ll continue to train hard, progressively to top of the line competitors.

Any parting words?