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Juan Tatum ready for SWC 11

Juan Tatum ready for SWC 11

interview by Matt Little

  • What gym are you currently training and fighting out of?
    – Peak Performance under Paul Halme.  Travis Lutter also helps out with my BJJ and MMA training.


  • How long have you been training/fighting?
    -About 6-1/2 years of BJJ, MMA, and stand-up striking.


  • What initially got you into the sport of MMA?
    -Someone sent me a video of a Kazushi Sakuraba fight over the Internet and from then on I was instantly hooked.  The Gracies as well had an influence on my interest in the sport of MMA.


  • What is your current rank in BJJ?
    -Purple belt (4 stripe)


  • What is your occupation outside of fighting?
    -Actually, I teach BJJ and kickboxing among the four Peak Performance locations:  Keller, Weatherford, North Richland Hills, & Decatur.  It is a full-time job, 7 days a week.  I enjoy doing it as teaching keeps me sharp in the BJJ & MMA game.


  • This is your first Pro fight, tell us how you expect this to be different than amateur MMA.
    -Actually, this will be my 2nd pro fight.  I fought a few amateur fights in New Mexico.  I won the EFC Featherweight title winning 2 out of 3 fights via submission.  My pro debut was last year at Mano a Mano and won via triangle choke in the first round. 


  • Tell us about your opponent, Alden Herbert.
    -He is a really tough and dangerous opponent.  From what I understand he has a very good amateur MMA record.


  • What are your long-term goals?
    -I would really like to go as far as I can in MMA.  Outside of that, I would also like to focus on sport Jiu-Jitsu and win a world championship.  I’d like to get back in the gi as I feel I’ve neglected this aspect of my game for the last year or so.  


  •  Anything else you’d like to say?
    -I am really excited to fight someone like Alden that has his kind of reputation.  I am glad that we are both healthy going into this fight and expect him to be my toughest challenge so far.