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Katy’s Larry Crowe ready to let it go at Legacy FC 37

By TXMMA Staff // Emil Fischer


“TKC” focused on his preparation and hoping to impress in front of hometown crowd at LFC 37 this Friday Night


HOUSTON, TX – H-Town based Larry “Tae Kwon” Crowe has been making waves in the middleweight ranks of Legacy FC lately. With a record of 8-3 and a style that heavily favors striking, Crowe will be fighting Quentin Henry at LFC 37 on November 14th. Both fighters are coming off of wins, and have similar records, but Henry favors a submission game. TXMMA sat down with Crowe to learn about some of his experiences and his thoughts about his upcoming fight:

“I have been fighting for 4 and 1/2 years and not stopping no time soon. I train at 4oz and Revolution; I started my career as a striker but have slowly developed into a pretty good ground fighter.” Crowe hasn’t showcased much of his ground skills but he scored his first submission victory almost a year ago at LFC 25 with a rear-naked choke.

Larry will be enjoying a hometown advantage fighting in Houston and he is pleased with that.

“I love my city more than I can describe there’s nothing better than fighting in front of friends and family knowing that all the work you’ve put into training can be seen by loved ones and on TV, I love my semi fame!”

In order to expand on his already formidable skill set, Crowe has been training hard to get ready for his upcoming fight “Man, I’ve really dedicated myself to being an all-around top to bottom fighter. I’ll stand and bang but love to ground and pound… I’ve been training with Derrick Lewis a lot to help him with his fights but after that it’s been Geoff Neal, Levi West and (Daniel) Pineda mostly working with me lately. I do a lot of my ground training with Jeff Messina but Derrick Lewis’ big ass is by far the biggest task in front of me, and Pineda is definitely no slouch no matter what size he is!” The quality of one’s fighting skills often reflects one’s training partners.

Preparing for a fight, MMA athletes often research their opponents and set up game plans. Larry’s done the same for this fight, though he hasn’t found much.

“Quentin Henry out of Louisiana… Don’t know too much about him, he’s a brawler with good BJJ from what I’ve seen. I believe he’s 7-1 so he has talent so I’m ready for the challenge, as long as I’m in the cage I’m always confident in my abilities.” If Larry Crowe has a strategy he’s keeping it a secret “No strategy… just go in there and be me because I’m the best <laughs> no but seriously I’m the best! When I walk out I picture all the negative things in my life and all the positive things that can come from a good performance, it’s my way of letting everything go and just doing what I love to do FIGHT it’s my comfort place.”

Comfort indeed. Larry has been fighting in Legacy FC for a long time and he considers this his home. As far as he’s concerned, Quentin Henry is just a visitor.

“I’ve been with Legacy since day one. All but three or four of my fights have been with Legacy and the Maynards are like family to me; they take care of their fighters plus they bring in the best talent… I’d like to thank Mo’s Place for always being there, Mike Hale my manager for believing in me, Bruce Temp. Services for being a steady sponsor and mentor on business decisions, Dr. Orsak and St. Michaels ER for blood work and medicals, all my fans and teammates that supported me from the beginning, Derrick Lewis for always being a friend and true teammate till the end, Carl Carrillo for always being my right hand man there’s no TKC without his help (Elbow Clothing) Business Partners for life and a big thanks to my Dad Larry Sr. we weren’t always close but over the last few years he’s been the most reliable person in my life I never thought I’d see the day when I could say he’s one of my best friends but he’s truly become the rock in my life when I needed somebody to turn to, I don’t know if I could really focus on my career without him. And to all the people who read this I will be in the UFC soon that I promise and to everybody who believed in me I do this for the fame and love of competing so I will always try to be a fan favorite because I love this shit…. TKC”