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Leander native Steven Allen Scott prepares for Chasm Elite 3

By TXMMA Staff // Felix Rodriguez


“Savage” willing to take the fight anywhere against Leroy Salazar at CE3


Leander, TX – The Texas Mixed Martial Arts scene is constantly growing and evolving. Amateur and professional fighters now have a bevy of options to choose from in order to stay active and continue developing their skill sets while remaining in the state of Texas. Chasm Elite is one of the newest promotions to provide an avenue for Texas-based fighters to grow inside the cage. They will be returning to the Bell County Expo Center on December 6th when Jose Montes and the Chasm crew present Chasm Elite 3 – Texas Battle Grounds.  This card will be stacked from top-to-bottom with some of the hungriest and most exciting up-and-coming fighters representing central Texas. One such fighter is Steve Allen Scott (Chasm MMA 2-0).

“The Savage” Steve Allen Scott is an Austin-born fighter who will be representing Leander, TX when he steps against Leroy Salazar (Genesis BJJ 1-1) for a lightweight matchup. Scott promises to deliver a show for the fans in attendance because he was been preparing for this moment most of his life. The Savage began training in traditional martial arts “as a kid,” then transitioned into wrestling and continued training off and on in various from 2005 forward. Around April 2014 he decided to go all-in with MMA and has been training diligently to become a complete mixed martial artist since. The Chasm MMA fighter trains under Jared Hepler for MMA and Jose Montes for boxing. He feels like a well-rounded fighter with no particular style and he is not afraid to mix it up standing or on the ground.

Scott doesn’t know much about his opponent, but he is assuming that Salazar “is a good fighter” that has been putting in as much time preparing for their fight as he has – or at least he hopes so for Salazar’s sake. Scott is more worried about imposing his will than on reacting to anything Salazar might bring to the table, He will go into the cage with a simple game plan keep your hands up and work his game to victory. He has been preparing diligently with his coach and teammates to ensure he has no “weak spots” and is really grateful for their efforts to get him ready for CES 3 by “repeatedly punching him in the face.”  Scott feels ready for the task at hand and declined to make a prediction for the fight’s outcome, rather than boast about what may or may not happen he opted to go the humble route and wished the best of luck for both him and his opponent.

Needless to say, Scott is excited about getting his third amateur fight in. He’s sacrificed and put in the roadwork, blood, sweat and tears necessary to feel confident going into the bout and he is hungry –literally and figuratively. Cutting weight is not a fun endeavor and Scott is ready to enjoy real food once the fight is over. Win or lose he told TXMMA that the first thing he plans on eating after fight night is one of Texas’ finer cuisines: a Texas-sized plate of delicious BBQ. Before Scott daydreams about briskets and short ribs he has a staunch test in front of him though, and for the time being he is all business and is ready to put on a show for the fans in attendance and maintain his undefeated status.

When asked if he had anything to say to our readers, the affable Austinite wanted to invite fight fans to keep tabs on him through Facebook and to help support the local fight scene by making the trip to the Bell County Expo Center on December 6th for CE3. He also wanted to thank “everyone he’s ever met, and everyone he still knows that have helped get him where he is at today.”

Tickets for CE3 – Texas Battlegrounds can be purchased online at http://m.bellcountyexpo.com/default.aspx