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Legacy FC 24 – Evan Thompson: “Fighting Makes Me Happy”

By TXMMA Staff | Photos by Mike Calimbas (Texas MMA Photography)


Evan Thompson on his preparations for Evert Gutierrez at Legacy FC 24


DALLAS, TX, October 1, 2013 –Undefeated at 2-0 as a pro, 29 year old Dallas resident Evan Thompson is just starting to make his way up in the sport but he’s had a significantly longer history with martial arts and fighting than his two fights indicate.

As the son of longtime karate expert Ray Thompson (Upstate Karate, S. Carolina) and younger brother of the UFC’s Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, Evan grew up in the martial arts world. Now working as an instructor with brother-in-law Carlos Machado at their RCJ Machado academies in Dallas, Evan Thompson is involved with BJJ/MMA day-in and day-out so it’s a safe assumption so say that martial arts remains a big part of his life, and always will.

Now looking to extend his pro record to an undefeated 3-0, Evan will be facing Houston’s Evert Rodriguez at Legacy Fighting Championship 24. It’s a pivotal fight for a fighter who one day wants to join his brother in the UFC.

We recently spoke to Evan before his fight on October 11th to discuss his background and matchup at LFC 24.


Legacy Fighting Championship 24 Interview – Evan Thompson (RCJ Machado)


TLegacy FC 19 © Mike Calimbas PhotographyXMMA: Thanks for talking to use before your fight next week. Can you tell our fans a little bit about yourself?

Evan Thompson: I’m the younger brother of UFC fighter Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. I’m a karate fighter/Kickboxer with BJJ skills. It’s my goal to make it to the UFC and fight with the best fighters in the world. Fans should pay attention to me because I, like them, enjoy exciting MMA fights and when I’m in the cage fighting that’s exactly what I like to do. Put on a good show.

TXMMA: Obviously your family has had a long history with martial arts and with your brother-in-law being Carlos Machado, that’s extended that much more. What about you personally? Why do you fight and what are you fighting for?

Evan Thompson: I fight for the fans of MMA and on a wider scale the fans of Martial Arts. I’m motivated by happiness. I work hard to be happy. Life is too short not to be happy. My family and friends makes be happy. My beautiful fiancée makes me happy. The children at my academy that I teach the Martial Arts make me happy. Also, taking a nice vacation makes me happy…and right now thinking about eating pizza makes me happy, and donuts and Dr. Pepper. ..All that makes me happy and fighting is just one more awesome thing that’s on that list.

Legacy Fighting Championship 16 by Mike CalimbasTXMMA: Tell us a little bit about your upcoming fight at LFC 24. Who are you fighting and what has preparation been like for this matchup?

Evan Thompson: The gentleman that I am fighting is Evert Gutierrez. He a tough guy I’m sure. He has good BJJ and Muay Thai but I’ve been training very hard for this fight in every aspect of the game. I’m ready and eager to get back in the cage. I love this match up. It’s going to be a good fight I hope. As far as my preparation for LFC 24, it’s has been intense. Like I said I’ve been training very hard with my stand-up, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and my wrestling. I’m prepared for this fight to go anywhere.

TXMMA: As a fighter and martial artist what goes through your mind in the run-up to the fight. Can you tell us a little more about the mental aspect of your preparation?

Evan Thompson: I think every possible thing goes through my mind. I’ll sometimes wake up at 3:00 in the morning thinking of different possibilities that could happen in this fight but I’m ready for sure. It’s weird… it seems that every time I wake up in the middle of the night it’s always around 3:00. Does that happen to anyone else? Anyways, I believe that experience helps me focus on the game plan while I’m in the cage fighting. This fight coming up will be my 24th full contact fight – that’s combining MMA and kickboxing. When you’ve been in the cage or ring as many times as I have you develop a sense of calmness that allows you to think clearly and stick to the game plan. That’s why I encourage fighters not to jump into the pro level too soon. Fight as an amateur and get that cage experience. Get 10 to 15 amateur fights before going pro. Everything will work out better for you if you do it that way. Well, for some fighters that is. Go pro with a positive amateur record.

Legacy Fighting Championship 16 by Mike CalimbasTXMMA: Do you have any predictions for the outcome of this fight or any message for your opponent, Evert Gutierrez?

I would like to finish this fight with a knockout of course but that’s not something that I go hunting for. I like to just let it happen if it’s meant to be.

Evert, please come out ready to fight and not hug!

TXMMA: Last words or acknowledgements before LFC 24, Oct. 11th in Allen?

I want to give all the Glory to my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I want to thank my family and friends and students for showing me the support that you have. It’s means a lot to me that you all do that. Thank you to my coaches Ray Thompson (Dad/Karate/Kickboxing), Carlos Machado and Michael Madeley (BJJ), Marc Botindari (Wrestling) and Todd Knickman (Strength and Conditioning). My Sponsors, Mark Corwin who owns 5 My Fit Foods stores in the DFW Metroplex, Ernest Arnesan with TBRC Roofing Company, Joey Garcia with Garnet BioMedical, Dave Melrose with United Debt Solutions, Christian Lehinger with FamilyWise Healthcare and Ashley with Cryo-X. My Sparring Partners Coach Marc, WonderBoy, Chris, Bam Bam, Patrick, Jesse, Rich, Nicholas and Dan. Last but not least I want to thank Mick Maynard for letting me fight in his awesome Organization. You the man Mick!