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LFC 8 Interview Series – “Hurricane” Ike Villaneuva is Back and Ready to Make a Statement Against Larry Crowe

HOUSTON, TX, September 02, 2011 – He’s baaaack. For those of you that didn’t know, it’s Hurricane season here in Houston, TX and one is coming by the name of Ike Villanueva on September 16th, when the “Hurricane” sweeps back into the Legacy Fighting Championship to take on Larry Crowe at Legacy FC 8.

It’s been a few fights away forom the organization for Hurricane Ike. He last fought for the promotion over a year ago in July 2010 at Legacy Fighting Championship 3. It was then that Artenas “Machine Gun” Young bloodied and bruised him to force a third round doctor’s stoppage due to a cut. Seeking to come back with a vengeance from that stinging defeat, Villanueva went to work at Prince’s Boxing Gym, home his boxing to the point where he now considers it his greatest strength. The results of that improvement have been evident since last July. Hurricane Ike has won his last three bouts all by first round KO. He’s also won a championship belt at 205 for the IXFA in the process. He’s also recently connected with famed trainer Saul Soliz at Metro Fight Club and expects even more in the near future.

“Hurricane” Ike has big plans.

Starting at Legacy Fighting Championship 8, Ike Villanueva is on a mission to become the most feared middleweight in the organization. Pretty soon he’s wanting to fight for the 185 title. But in order for that to happen he’s got to get past Larry Crowe first, a dangerous striker that’s been making his own name by devastating his own opponents, as he did at LFC7 against Jermain Anugwom. He’s also exactly the type of opponent Ike Villanueva wants. In fact, he told his manager Brett Boyce to set up this fight immediately LFC7 in order to make an example out of the impressive fighter.

“I wanna win in fashion and I’m gonna make a statement with this fight. It’s hurricane season.”

Ike, thanks for taking this interview before your fight at Legacy FC 8. What’s new with you man?

The Hurricane is back bro. Man it’s been awhile! It feels great to be getting ready for this fight at Legacy FC 8. I’ve been a very busy man training full-time with Saul Soliz at Metro Fight Club. I also recently signed with Brett Boyce over at Made to Win.

I know you train a lot with both MMA and boxing but what do you when you’re not doing all that. What’s life like for you outside of competition?

Life outside the cage for the Hurricane is busy bro. My dad and I run a successful machine shop called Vilco Machine Works. Then I’ve got my wife and kids that I spend as much time as I can with. Right now I got Lil’ Ike getting ready for football with the Klein Broncos and my little princess Hailey, she keeps me going with her demands, boy I tell you… she is a diva! As for my wife, she’s great and backs me 100 percent in my fighting. I’m very thankful to have her by my side and supporting me.

As a pro, you’re coming off three wins in a row now and already hold the status of champion at IXFA. Now you’re back at Legacy. What are you looking to accomplish at this stage of your career?

I’m back with Legacy and I’m on mission to be the best at middleweight for this organization. I want that belt. It’s my time to get to the next level.

What do you feel has been your proudest accomplishment so far in this sport?

It’s how you bounce back from a loss. That’s what I think makes fighter. I’ve been on a mission since my last defeat. I have been a man on fire and I’ve knocked out my last 3 victims in pure hurricane fashion – swangin’ and bangin’.

At this point, what do you feel your biggest strengths as a fighter? What are you doing to get better?

Definitely my boxing bro. That’s my bread and butter but my ground has been my main focus since I came back to Metro. Saul has brought in some of the best to help me train. Big thanks to Matt Lucas out of ACS in Arizona, Carlo Prater, Andrew Craig, Bubba Bush, Lee King, Jeff Rexroad, Randy Hauer and all the ninjas at Metro!

Looking at your Legacy FC 8 opponent Larry Crowe – what do you think about him as a fighter?

We grew up on the same side town, the same high school district. This feels like high school all over again! <laughs> What do I think about him as fighter? I think he is good but now it’s time for him to meet the Hurricane on September 16th. That’s what I think.

Did you watch his fight with Jermaine Anugwom? What do you think of Crowe’s striking ability if he decides to bang with you?

Yeah, I watched his last fight. I hope he tries to do the same thing with me. When he won, I told Brett I wanna fight him. If he decides to bang with me, all I ask is that he prays to makes it out of the first round.

You used to train with his Coach Tony Orozco back in the day, right? What was that like?

Yeah, I was one of the original Silverbacks way back. That’s where I got my start and I thank Tony and his family for everything. I learned some good things over there. I’m proud of what he did then and what he’s doing now.

What can you say about how you want to beat Crowe?

I wanna win in fashion and I’m gonna make a statement with this fight. It’s hurricane season.

Any last words for Larry?

Pray you make it out the first round.

What’s next for you after this fight? Will we see you back in Houston again?

Yes that’s the plan. If I don’t get a shot here, I will look for big fight elsewhere but I love fighting at home. This is my city!

Anybody you want to thank before the fight?

Thanks to all my family and friends. Special thanks to my sponsors – Eat Fit for Life, Bullprints, Frank-n-Steins, the Krunk Show with Jammin’ J. Also thanks to my fans all on the Westside of Houston and my homie D Frost. Last but not least, thanks to my coach Saul – thanks for everything bro. Now it’s time to go to work!

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