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Legacy FC Title Preview – Rey Trujillo vs. Ray Blodget

One of the most anticipated bouts for this Saturday’s Legacy Fighting championships will be a lightweight title matchup as titleholder Rey “The Truth” Trujillo looks to defend his 155 belt against undefeated fighter Ray Blodget of Elite MMA. Houston MMA fans can expect to see bell-to-bell action and potential fight-of-the-night honors  in this matchup if their past bouts are any indication.

For Rey Trujillo, this bout comes on the heels of his spectacular knockout of Jose Santibanez at Strikeforce: Houston this past August. The Bushi Ban fighter’s overall amateur/professional record shows TKO or submission victories in nine out of thirteen bouts, with only three bouts going to the judges’ scorecards. As far as reputations go, Trujillo is known as a finisher and proclaimed by many to be amongst the most exciting fighters in the area. With a penchant for fighting at a rapacious place, the relentless Trujillo returns to Legacy FC seeking another victory to propel himself into the national spotlight once again.

Not to be outdone, Ray Blodget will walk into the Legacy cage this Saturday boasting an undefeated professional record of four wins and zero losses en route to his shot at lightweight gold. Having finished every opponent he has faved via submission (kimura, rear-naked choke, triangle choke, and armbar) the Elite fighter carries the reputation of being a well-rounded, ravenous submission specialist. However, in his last Legacy win against Arron Barringer, the Elite fighter showed impressive clinchwork and overall Muay-Thai skills in his arsenal as well.

All in all, Houston MMA fans can expect fireworks in this championship bout between Rey Trujillo and Ray Blodget on top of an extremely solid card put together by matchmaker Mick Maynard.

I recently caught up with both combatants to gather their last minute thoughts heading into this bout. Here is what both had to say:

How do you feel heading into this fight? How has training been leading up to Saturday night?

Rey Trujillo – I feel good. This is what I do and this is my 16th fight so it’s just another day at the office. Training has been great and can’t wait to get in there and do my thing and show people why I should be in the UFC….

Ray Blodget – I feel great, better than all the others. My conditioning has been taken to a level I have never experienced before this fight. It’s my first time preparing for a title fight and I’m ready!

What do you know about your opponent and how are you approaching this bout vs. any of your other fights?

Rey Trujillo –  I know he has a pretty good ground game and that he may be strong because he is bigger than me. I think he cuts more weight than I do so that may play a factor in the fight, you never know. This fight is the same as all the others to me, I keep my training the same, as long as my head is on right he don’t stand a chance, but let’s hope he does so it will be a great show……

Ray Blodget – I’ve seen Rey fight a few times. He’s always in an exciting fight. Rey is very tough and explosive. I’ve seen him go five rounds at an intense pace, so I’ve prepared for the worst and will aim for the best.

Any predictions for the bout? How is this one gonna go?

Rey Trujillo – Yeah, me kicking his ass and keeping my belt!!!!!

Ray Blodget – I want to win like most fighters do. I don’t want to leave it up to the judges. I think most fighters have the same goal; knock out or submission. I predict… an exciting fight!!

Who’s helped you get ready? Anybody you want to thank?

Ray Blodget – There is no way in hell you can be any good or get very far in this sport without an enormous amount of help from others. I’ve been blessed with an extraordinary team of friends who are like family from Elite MMA. I’d like to thank my instructors: Eric, Hai, Ed, Romelle, Robert, and Pat. My conditioning coaches: Todd and David. My sparring partners: Ryan, Mick, John, Woody, Derrick, Nick, Jordan, Frost, and all the others I’m forgetting. My sponsors: Johnny with Bi-Tech landscaping, the Qureshi family with Bizarre Bazaar, and Keith with Bona Fitness. Mick for the great matchup.

Rey Trujillo – I’d like to thank Jehovah God and Jesus first of all then my friends and family and not to forget my teams that help me prepare…..

Anything else you want to say to the Houston MMA fans going into November 5th?

Rey Trujillo –  I’d like to say to all the fans to log on Truentnation.com and keep fallowing me and the Houston MMA scene because this is just the beginning and things are going to continue to grow tremendously from here on out……..

Ray Blodget – Come have some drinks with me after the fights. The after party is at the Men’s Club, 3303 Sage Rd, Houston, TX 77056.

This bout will take place at Legacy Fighting Championships on November 5, 2020 at the Arena Theatre. To purchase tickets for this event, please visit  legacyfightingchampionship.com.