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Legacy Fights Interview Series – Justin Reiswerg


That is the word that came to mind upon the conclusion of my last interview with Justin Reiswerg of Bam Bam Martial Arts.

In two weeks’ time on January 29th, Justin will be stepping into the cage against 2010 Houston (TCD) Fighter of the Year Ray Trujillo at the Legacy Fighting Championship.

Despite his extended time away from action, the University of Houston student and native Galvestonian stands undaunted, confident in the skill-set he has amassed while away from the cage. “I am a different fighter now,” Justin says. “Only the guys I train with know what I am capable of.”

It seems this fighter is not lacking at all when it comes to having the necessary confidence to win. He even predicts a fantastic finish of the former champion in re-introducing himself to the Houston scene.

Read on and get to know Justin Reiswerg.

Hi Justin. I wanted to catch up to you prior to your upcoming fight against Rey Trujillo on January 29th. This is going to be your first fight in some time, right? What’s your overall record and what have you been up to since your last fight?

Yes, it’s been 19-months since my last fight. My amateur record was 6-2 and my pro record stands at 1-1 for the moment.

Since my last fight, I have been focusing on school at The University of Houston and have also been fixing the holes in my fight game over at Bam Bam Martial Arts.

I remember seeing you fight in College Station at a few of the Lonestar Beatdown events Mick Maynard put on at Hurricane Harry’s back in the day. Are you looking forward to fighting in Houston for a change?

Those days in CS were fun but I can’t wait to get in front of this Houston crowd and put on a show. I have been watching (MMA fights) in the stands at local shows here for the past couple of years. I’m ready to be in the spotlight myself.

Speaking of which, how would you like to introduce yourself to Houston’s MMA fans? Who is Justin Reiswerg?

I’m from Galveston, a short drive away down I-45. As a fighter, I’m a mix of strength and finesse, playing a smart game that leans on my strengths, my opponents’ weaknesses, and steering away from a boring bout. I have never let any of my fights come close to a decision. If I have three rounds to beat someone or get beaten, it’s going to happen in that amount of time. There are no judges necessary when I fight.

I understand you train with Brett Boyce at Bam Bam Martial Arts. Can you give us a bit of history on your training background?

I have been training for about 3-and-half years. I actually started training when I found a flier in my dorm hall for an MMA school in College Station. It was a hole in the wall gym with guys that flat out liked to fight. We trained hard, liked to hit hard, and put everything on the line in the gym and in the cage. After losing my pro debut I knew it was time for a change of scenery. I moved to Houston to look for a more technical gym and I found it. I am now dominant on my feet and on the ground, both in top position and working off my back.

This upcoming fight with Rey Trujillo – I believe it came up on short notice. Have you been training all along?

Yes, I have been training all along. I had already been schedule to fight Kenny Burke but I received a call that Kenny had to withdraw due to injury so now I’m fighting Trujillo.

Rey Trujillo is known to be an aggressive, fast-paced fighter. Is that something you’re weary of going into this fight?

Not at all, he has a fighting style that was similar to mine when I started fighting. I welcome him to try and press the action.

How would you describe your own fighting style? You mentioned some of this earlier but expand on that thought a little bit.

I have a very quick and explosive game. I am very mobile on my feet, throw from crazy angles, and have speed and power in both my hands. I use every piece of my body as a weapon. On the ground I am the same way. I’m hard to control, scramble till I find a spot I like then usually finish from there with a sub or a good ol’ fashion pounding. The best weapon I bring in is my unpredictability. All the fights (of mine) online are from years ago, I fight nothing like that anymore. Only the guys I train with know what I am capable of.

What does this fight look like when you envision it in your mind? Do you have any predictions on the outcome?

I see him coming out straight forward and aggressive. I will move a bit and as soon as he takes one step back I’m going to impose my game plan on him. I see myself winning by KO, TKO, or submission in the first or second round.

What’s next for you in MMA after this fight?

I really want to start putting Houston on the map nationally. I have been talking with other fighters and we feel there is a need to branch out and to stop fighting only local fighters. I plan on stretching my legs and showing the nation what Texas fighters can do.

Any last words for your fans or anybody else here in Houston?

Thank you for supporting your local fighters. I will be dominating the former champion so be sure to not blink as you watch me jump into the MMA scene here in Houston.

Legacy Fights Interview Series

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