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Levi Mowles goes for Ascend bantamweight title this Saturday

By TXMMA Staff | Photo by Shawn Lord


BQuick product looks to cement status as one of Texas’ premier amateur prospects


DALLAS, TX, March 11, 2014 – With a 4-0 amateur MMA record and an already distinguished grappling pedigree Levi Mowles is one to watch out for. Not even 20 years old, the The BQuick Jiu-Jitsu instructor began dabbling in Mixed Martial Arts just last year. He finished each of his first four opponents en route to Texas Rookie of the Year Finalist status. This Saturday he’ll look to take his evolution up to the next level when he competes for his second amateur bantamweiht title in Shreveport, LA. Mowles will take on fellow undefeated Chance Brown (3-0) at Ascend Combat “Nothing Personal 2.” It won’t be a walk in the park but definitely a challenge the Dallas native is looking forward to.


TXMMA Interview – Levi Mowles (BQuick JJ) – Ascend Combat “Nothing Personal 2”


1506550_10201809043774309_417713033_nTXMMA – Thanks for talking to us Levi. Before we get to Saturday can you summarize your career up to this point for our readers? What have been your best and worst experiences?

Levi Mowles – Sure thing. I’m am currently 4 and 0 after beginning in MMA last year. My best win would definitely my latest one. There is something about a TKO that feels better than a sub, or at least for me I guess because I’ve been subbing people for 5 years now. <laughs> The worst experience ever was actually my second fight in Louisiana, it was an outside event and it was hard to get warm. That was tough.

TXMMA – You’ve got a big title fight coming up on Saturday. Are you nervous because of the circumstances?

Levi Mowles – There’s always nerves going into fights whether it’s a title shot or not, but to me there’s no added pressure because it is just one fight. I just stay in shape and love to fight. I want to fight the best amateurs I can to prepare for when I turn pro. I don’t know when that will be but I’m planning on being successful and train to compete at that level.

TXMMA – It seems that way. You’re fighting another undefeated guy right? What do you know about Chance Brown?

Levi Mowles – What I know about Chance brown, is that he’s in trouble! HahaI know he’s 3 and 0 and won his last fight by armbar in the first round. Other than that there’s not too much I’m sure on but that’s okay.


TXMMA – How do you prepare for someone you don’t know very well as opposed to taking on more familiar fighters here in Texas?

Levi Mowles – Well it’s the same thing with all my opponents. I’ll watch and study there fights if I can but as far as the game plan goes, it’s all about taking whatever opportunity presents itself. I need to be ready everywhere. I don’t just want to be a submission guy. I’ve been working every day on my hands a Maple Street Boxing so I can be lethal everywhere and stay ready for whatever comes my way.

TXMMA – How will you celebrate should you win this Saturday?

Levi Mowles – The first thing I will do is gorge on food,  my post fight meal usually consist of the biggest and unhealthiest burger I can find,  with fries and a large chocolate shake, haha. That’s the best way I can think to ever celebrate.

TXMMA – Ha, thanks Levi. Any last words before Saturday?

Levi Mowles – Thanks for the interview Mike and thanks to TXMMA for your coverage on me. I also want to give a shoutout to my sponsor, War Tribe Gear and also to all my training partners in the gym at BQuick JJ, and to the guys at F3, Johnny Bedford and Evan Cutts for your awesome training sessions. …Last but not least especially to my little brother Garrett for being my greatest training partner. Other than that, Chance Brown I’ll see you in the cage!