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The Smart Money – Alex “Bet On” Black

By Felix Rodriguez | Photo by Mike Calimbas


Houston-based MMA lifer looking to extend four-fight winning streak this Friday at Legacy FC 27


HOUSTON, TX, January 29, 2014 – Alex Black (4oz Fight Club: 5-3) has not tasted defeat since 2011. He is currently on a four fight winning streak; and will be looking to build on his record when he meets Charles Cheeks III (Millenium MMA, 7-2) at Legacy Fighting Championship 27, this coming Friday January 31st. A win over Cheeks would be his fifth consecutive W and help him transition from solid prospect to bona fide contender.

At this point in time Alex Black’s career as a mixed martial artist couldn’t be going better, but this was not always the case. In actuality, Black’s initiation into the sport couldn’t have gone much worse, having lost three consecutive fights after winning his pro debut. A 1-3 record would have scared most people away from MMA, but Black continued betting on himself, undeterred by the bad breaks of his rough start.  The Zulfi Ahmed-trained fighter expanded his knowledge base by enlisting the help of Bob ‘The General” Perez and cross-training with the likes of Daniel “The Pit” Pineda to pull himself up by the bootstraps and turn his career around.

In his own words Alex talks about the difference between himself a few years ago and the knowledge he has gained since then: “When I was on that losing streak, I was still new to the game and I didn’t fully understand how to play it. I took fights with good guys that had more experience than me, and I went into those fights a little too over confident; it was a learning experience and I grew from it. Now I’ve changed my training. I’m over at 4oz Fight Club now. I still go to Bushi Ban but only 2 nights a week when Master Zulfi is teaching. I’ve grown up a lot these last 3 years and it’s shown in my fights. I’m very focused and do everything I can to prepare myself for a fight. I think that is the biggest difference between me then and me now.”

Black began training in late 2008, because he “loved [to] watch fights and was working in plants [which he] didn’t really enjoy.”  Alex wanted “something fun to do so [he] went and tried out a class at Bushi Ban and loved it” so much that next thing he knew he was “fighting for Lonestar Beatdown 3 months later.” Black has gone all-in with MMA since then, being involved in the sport as a fighter, corner man, and behind the scenes as the co-owner of OSS Combat Productions, assisting promoters in producing high quality MMA events in the state of Texas.

The hard work and dedication that Black put into training began to pay dividends. Aside from benefiting from the striking prowess of Kru Bob, Black is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Since losing three-in-a-row in 2011, Black has finished all four of his opponents and won by submission in his last three fights. The 4oz. Fight Club and Bushi Ban representative considers jiu-jitsu his strong point and trains in the art diligently, both for MMA and for sport jiu-jitsu. When discussing whether one form of training could compliment the other, Black told TXMMA that he “ loves training in the gi,” but doesn’t think it really helps [him] with his fight game, because “they’re  2 different worlds.”  He believes the two disciplines should be kept separate, because “if you get too comfortable in the gi, then you might get caught slipping in no gi or a fight.”

Black has risen above his initial stumbles in the fight game and established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the featherweight division. He’s learned from his past mistakes and is planning on continuing to follow his current recipe for success. “This fight I’m fighting a very good opponent and it’s a big test for me, but I don’t think there is much difference in this fight and my others. I plan on doing the same thing as I always do. Push the pace and look for the finish,” said Black. Black has been steadily growing as a mixed-martial-artist with his humble attitude and undeniable nose for the finish and is quickly becoming must-see TV. Be it on the ground or standing, Alex “Bet On” Black guarantees he’ll give viewers an “exciting scrap.” He’s put in the work and is ready to reap his rewards.

In addition to his own hard work, Alex believes his successes are made possible by his circle of support.  “I want to thank Master Zulfi Ahmed first off. I wouldn’t be the man I am without his guidance in life. Also Bob Perez for always pushing me and being a great mentor. Daniel Pineda for beating me up every day. And the rest of my training partners at 4oz and Bushi Ban. Also huge thanks to Jack and Vanessa Moores for helping me with OSS combat Productions. I couldn’t ask for a better business partner and great friends they are really great people.”