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LFC 38 Interview: Geo Pacurariu – “I want my opponents to fear me”

By TXMMA Staff


Romania’s next great MMA fighter wants his opponents intimidated every single time


DALLAS, TX – Based on his part fights, George Pacurariu (8-3) might just be one of the most exciting competitors on the Legacy FC 38 fight card. Ever since he debuted in Texas back in 2011, Geo has only let one fight out of seven make it to the judges’ scorecards. Long story short, he’s one of those rare breed of fighters with the “kill or be killed” mentally, and he’s also got the technical skill to back it up.

Geo Pacurariu is set to return when he takes on Tristan Grimsley (5-4) on the Legacy FC 38 undercard.  And though it won’t make it to the LIVE show on AXS TV, this fight might be one area fight fans definitely won’t want to miss.


Legacy FC 38 Pre-Fight Interview – Geo Pacurariu (Octagon MMA)


Thanks for catching up with us Geo. How does it feel to be fighting on this Legacy card?

Fighting for Legacy FC is always a pleasure. Legacy FC is one of the best promotions in the world and Mick (Maynard) always treats us fighters very well.

You’re coming off a win in your last bout after 2 tough losses. How has those recent fights affected your mindset?

First of all, I don’t consider the fight against Cerda a loss! I was just unlucky because they stopped it because of a cut but I was winning until that moment. Right now my mindset is always the same, to make it to the top no matter what and to finish my opponents! I want to make them fear me and I know that they do fear me! I really believe nothing can drag me down. The ups are good but ups and downs are both part of an athlete’s career. It doesn’t manner how many times I fall because I will always be back stronger. That’s my mindset for life too, not just in my fighter career. It’s always to persevere.

That’s a great outlook to have. As far as your team, Octagon MMA has had a lot of success towards moving fighters towards their goals, namely the UFC. What’s it like training there?

We always have a great atmosphere at Octagon MMA!  Coach Sayif Saud know how to make the team to be like a family. We have a great team and we always give 110% in every practice. And seeing some of us in the UFC only makes the rest of us even more hungry to succeed. Very soon more of us will be there to join them. There is no other way when you train and dedicate yourself 100% as we all do at Octagon MMA!

What are your thoughts on the fight coming up with Tristan Grimsley? Have you seen a lot of him?

Yes, I’m familiar with him now. I always try to know as much I can about every opponent I have. My team and I always prepare a good game plan for every fight and following the game plan is the key. I take every fight very serious and in the same way. I never underestimate or overestimate my opponents. I just give 100% of all I have in every fight. For this one like all the rest, I’m going into the cage with very bad intentions – to make my opponent fear me and then finish him.

What’s next for you after this?

I’ll keep training and fighting hard. I know that I will make it to the UFC and make it to the top where I belong.

Thanks as always for your time Geo. Do you have anyone you want to thank?

Thank you Mick for having me again in Legacy FC! I want to thank to my great team and training partners at Octagon MMA , especially my Coach Sayif Saud, my stand up Coach Mike Wright, my wrestling Coach David Bertolino , and BJJ Coach Octavio Couto .All of them make me to be a better fighter every day! Also thank you to the Romanian Kempo Federation represented by Amatto Zaharia for the continuous support. As always, thank you to my family that always believe in me, taking care of me and support me! Thank you TXMMA for the interview and for all you do for Texas MMA scene! – Geo Pacurariu