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LFC 38: Octagon MMA’s Evan Martinez is unintimidated by BJJ world titles

By TXMMA Staff


Octagon MMA’s latets prospect focusing on Augusto “Tanquinho Mandes” just like would any other opponent


10485310_10152314889172185_3749994984803026876_nDALLAS, TX – At 4-0 as a pro, 23 year old Evan Martinez by all accounts should noticeable as a top prospect. Yet up to this point in his career, even with 3 finishes in his first 4 fights and a title under his belt, he’s still relatively unknown. But if he wins his next fight, there’s a high likelihood everyone that matters will know his name.

Martinez takes on Augusto Mendes this Friday night at Legacy Fighting Championship 38. Also known as “Tanquinho,” Mendes is a top notch BJJ black belt with world titles under his belt. Long story short, he’s going to be Evan’s most notable opponent so far. He’s also someone Evan is treating just like everybody else.

“(Tanquinho) Mendes is no different in my mind, then any of my previous opponents. My job remains the same regardless of who I’m facing.”

“My background is originally in BJJ and wrestling which I started to train when I was 15. Since then I’ve really focused on bringing up my stand-up to the level of my grappling by training with great coaches such as former world champion boxer Paulie Ayala. My style is to put constant pressure on my opponent until they break and I finish them.”

Evan Martinez primarily trains at Octagon MMA nowadays. And it’s partly the grind there that allows him to treat his highly touted opponent just like anybody else. With so many of his teammates also set to compete at the LFC 38 fight card, Martinez is as prepared as he’s even been headed into this fight.

“Every day at Octagon MMA is essentially a crucible, where you get tested physically and mentally every time you train. Coach Sayif (Saud) and my teammates are all world class and have helped me become more complete in every aspect of MMA. My prediction is that I finish him by strikes either late in the 1st or early in the 2nd. ThenI want to get 3 more fights this year and finish 2015 with a 7-0 record.”

Fighter Acknowledgments

I’d like to thank my parents and family for all their support, everyone at Octagon MMA for pushing me and lastly Mike Wright and the crew at Zero Dojo in Rockwall for adding to my stand-up game. – Evan Martinez